Sunday, September 18, 2011



Eli is still a man of few words… but get him around a guitar (be it Barbie or human sized) and he’ll immediately begin the chorus of his favorite song, The Cave.  “Iiiiiiiii…” and that’s all he can say.

I want to record all the little things that we love about him at each phase, because I know first hand how the things you think you’ll remember about the kid will be replaced by useless things like the names of all of the past winners of The Bachelor.  I can’t tell how many little things we remember about Lily only because of blogging and scrapbooking them at the time.

I don’t know how long this will be his favorite song.  One by The Strokes and Arcade Fire have entered the running… he’s always liked a good beat.  I always want to remember this story, though.




Sidenote: David showed us this clip of Mumford and Sons singing Come Thou Fount… LOVE, love, love.


Here are some other pages that I finished this summer:

for beankins…



for b-bug…





The James Family said...

It IS so cute to see him stop what he is doing when that song comes on and move to the beat. Ethan loves a good beat too--maybe they will form a band together? :)

Tom said...

I hadn't seen the pictures of Eli dressed up to look like Mark. It made me laugh out loud. Eli is such a precious little boy. Love, Nana