Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Around our house lately…


it has been crazy busy.  Who knew October was going to be so full.

Here is a  snapshot from our life:





Lily is a writing fool.  My days are spent spelling words aloud as she writes the letters.  Not a fan of having her picture taken.  Christmas cards may feature a family of 3 this year.  Eli prefers to write on floors, walls… or just eat the writing utensil.  I observed him yesterday chilling in the recliner (without any pants, of course), munching on a brown crayon.   Crayons, rolie polies, chewed gum from the HEB floor, dirty marshmallows meant for the lemur at Emily’s exotic animal party… oh, that kid and the things he eats.

Augie came home with a new ‘racecar’… none more excited that Eli, who promptly crawled in and broke something. 




Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating! I miss all of you SO much!


Tom said...

I love the picture of the kids at the table. Very Sweet! Love, Nana