Wednesday, November 02, 2011

happy hawwoween…


We truly represented our dual state citizenship last night.  Eli was Joe Mauer and Lily was his cheerleader.   They were supposed to be Bindi Irwin, the wildlife warrior and a koala from her native homeland…. until Lily saw that the costume was tan polyester and she was suddenly vehemently opposed to the idea.   Thank goodness we had just received a Barbie cheerleader book from Scholastic and already had this Twins cheer dress… thanks to Aunt Je-Je.  

D7K_0347 copy    D7K_0331 copy

*** Thank you Scandinavian Olson genes for these beautiful BLUE eyed children. I mean, seriously, it’s ridiculous.

 D7K_0325 copyD7K_0366 copyD7K_0332 copy


We had our 2nd annual trick or treat hayride party with our most favoritest little neighborhood kids… and had twice as much fun as last year.

D7K_0376D7K_0374 copyD7K_0373 copyD7K_0341 copyD7K_0337 copy

D7K_0324D7K_0335 copy

D7K_0334 copyD7K_0349

Eli was hilarious and seemed genuinely surprised at EACH new door that they handed him candy.  He held it in his hands until dropping it to get the candy at the next house.

Being raised a non- Halloween celebrator…. I feel inclined to say that we give God ALL the glory for such a fun night of fellowship.


Tom said...

They are all absolutely precious. I do love those blue-eyed children as well. Nana

Anonymous said...

They are the sweetest things ever! We Minnesotans are so proud of them sporting their Twins attire! Love you all!