Monday, November 14, 2011

T- Swizzle…


Greatest night of her life to date.  No contest.  October 26, 2011.


Remember back on July 4th when Lily got Taylor Swift concert tickets for her golden birthday…

well we finally got to use them and the whole night was amazing.

-free, professional Taylor make up in the lobby

-fun with her friends Ava and Anna

-getting to be amongst her people (teenagers) for an entire evening as they told her she was cute and that they loved her sparkly dress and ruffle boots

-having an awesome view from our front row seats (in the upper deck) with her very own dance floor.

- knowing all of the words to every song… with exception of the nod to Austin- Jack Ingram and Shawn Colvin covers …naturally.

-taking a little, sweaty power nap in my lap during the slow part and clapping in her sleep only to wake up to fireworks.

-watching Taylor float by on cables mere feet  in front of us during ‘Love Story’ , scrunch up her nose a little, and give her a very special wave to say she saw her cute little fan on the first row…. INCREDIBLE, right!

The only thing that could have made it better is if I’d brought my real 400 pound camera.  My cell phone, although light and compact, took horrible, blurry pictures until it ceased to function just a few songs in… and was dead for surprise fly-by in the last song.  No photographic evidence of the personal wave… you’ll have to take mine and Lily’s word for it.  Ask for a demonstration the next time you see us.

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Here is a horrible cell phonevideo of “Our Song”.  If you can get past the screaming at the beginning… at about 1 minute in you’ll get to glimpse Lily’s moves that she rocked through the entire show.  Ear hold. Dance. Finger points to the side. Hands in the shape of a heart to show T.Swift that she loves her.  Hips swinging. PRICELESS!


The James Family said...

I'm so glad you two were able to go and you got such great seats. I know that will be a very special memory for Lily. And that is so cool that TS acknowledged her cutest and biggest fan ever.

Tom said...

It looks like you both had a great time. I am glad you did get some pictures and video. I thought Lily looked adorable. I know she was in her element.
Love, Nana