Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Countdown
I’ve said before… how its really a big deal to me to keep Easter ALL about Jesus. 
I’ve seen this idea around blogland for a couple of years where you have an Easter countdown with a little toy or candy inside the egg.  So I decided to make some changes to get Lily excited about Resurrection Day.
… and thought I’d share in case you too love countdowns like I do  and your kids love to have planned story and activity time as much as mine does…
Each day she’ll get to open an egg and find a paper with a special clue.  It will tell us which story about Jesus we will read.  After we read about the miraculous, wonderful things that our Savior did, I’ll have either a game, activity, craft or little gift.  On the right days, we will talk about palm Sunday, the cross and  how and why he died and on the last day we will CELEBRATE that he rose again… just like he said he would.
After we read that story… then she’ll get her awesome basket of treats… because we are celebrating JESUS and the amazing gift of salvation that God gave us through him.
I pray that I can plant seeds now that will foster a genuine love for Him at this early age and will only make them more zealous when they can truly understand it all.

 Here is the updated post with an idea for all 12 days written out:

Day 12 was the story of Mary pouring perfume on the feet of Jesus.  I figured this would make an impact because she KNOWS how I feel about the perfume that Jeff got me from Anthropologie for Vday.  I vocalize frequently how much I LOVE it and  flip out if she comes near it… and she is obsessed.  I gave her her very own travel size perfume after we read the story and talked about how Mary showed Jesus that she loved him …. and how we can show God that we love him everyday.  
The bottle is about half gone already…  Eli and I both reek.
Tomorrow we’re reading the story  in Luke 8 when Jesus calms the storm and we’re going to make storm bottles.  In true procrastinator form… I have the bible story for each … but will probably wait ‘til minutes before to come up with something to do.  I like the challenge of coming up with stuff with limited supplies and time… especially when I child is waiting expectantly.  it’s a rush!  ha.


Stephanie said...

I am TOTALLY stealing this idea! Thank you so much for sharing with me!

We have the same Bible and LOVE the pictures!

Anonymous said...

You really do make me look bad!

The James Family said...

This is a great idea. How about you package something up for Luke and Ethan--however it will need to include the activities because I cannot think of anything on the spot or even with weeks to prepare something. :)

ChelseaSalomone said...

Love this idea!!

Tom said...

What a great idea to celebrate The Resurrection! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Love, Nana

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

awesome! will do this next year for sure!