Thursday, March 08, 2012

If I ever tell you I’ve just bought a groupon…

for 100$ worth of photo books…  please remind me on several occasions  to scrapbook at some point during the year.

So, I’m not scrambling the week before it expires to crank out pages from 2010… yes… 2010. 

Who is a procrastinator… this guy.  

Who was shocked to find out that 100$ only got me 2 books instead of 3 and I could have been done hours sooner… this guy.

However stressful they were to complete on my 3 hours of Eli-free time per day… it is fun to look back at the memories in colorful 8.5x11 form.










orange egg





Ally said...

awesome job! love all the pages!!!

The James Family said...

These are great. You amaze me. I just BARELY managed to make a photobook with my groupon and you made scrapbook pages to put in a photobook.

Tom said...

WOW. Love them all. Nana

Anonymous said...

Your pages are amazing!!! Such a talented person!!! You are one of the most wonderful moms in the whole wide world!!!

The Boburka Family said...

What software/website do you use to digital scrapbook? I love the look, I currently scrapbook but with paper and all that jazz and with two kids it is getting harder and harder to do it and I was thinking of trying the digital route :)

Shauna Lynn said...

For whatever reason, I'm not able to obtain email addresses from the comments. Email me at and I'd be happy to share the digiscrapping info with you.

The Boburka Family said...

Thanks, I sent an e-mail from my yahoo account last night. :)