Saturday, February 04, 2012

Oldie but a goodie…

In light of things I’ve been learning and growing in as a parent and spouse, I was thinking about this post yesterday on my Dad’s 61st birthday. 

love, love, love my dad.

From February 2, 2008:

“Tomorrow, February 3rd, is my dad's 57th birthday. Thinking about what to get him, on a recent drive into Austin, (No radio for a sleeping baby gives one much time to think.) led me to think about why he is such a good dad.

What I decided is that there are so many things that I love about Dad... how he tells stories, loves a good laugh, his "nuggets" of truth, that everyone that knows him--loves him, how clueless he is sometimes, etc...
but there are 3 main things that make him so special to me.
1. How much he loves me...
He never had any trouble telling me that he loved me.... "with all (his) heart, for real, for real, forever and ever" every time he thought about it. I'm the only kid I know that was "bu-wudduh-wudduhed on" every night (sometimes mercilessly). He maybe didn't go to every one of my choir concerts, but he took an active interest in the shaping of my character and the growing of my spirit. Research shows that so much about a girl rests on her relationship with her dad. I always had an identity in his love and correction and KNEW I had great worth, so didn't search for it in less fulfilling places.
2. How much he loves my mom...
I think it does something extra special for a daughter's spirit when she knows, without a doubt, that her dad thinks her mom is the most beautiful creation on this earth and wants to be around her every second of every day. My sister and I heard him say every Sunday morning when were ready to go to church, "You SURE are pretty," in that distinctive Texas drawl. We knew that she is his favorite person in the world and that he felt it to be the greatest gift just to call her his wife.
3. How much he loves Jesus...
Some of my earliest memories are emerging sleepy-eyed from my room in the morning to see my dad sitting at the table with his Bible. From an early age, Suzanne and I both got to hear the profound thoughts and revelations that my dad was receiving. He was always ready to pray as a family and draw our attention to the way God was working in the life of our family in the times of blessing and times that tested his faith. Most important of all, I got to see that his relationship with Jesus was something that he devoted time and energy to and was always growing.
Being that I share his same sense of humor.... we aren't comfortable being sentimental much... but sometimes it's called for. This public proclamation should last for quite a few years.
In one more bit of serious-ness, I was blessed to have him as a dad and I'm so excited for Luke and Lily (and Ethan and Eli) to get to have him as their Granddad. (renamed ‘Augie’ by Lukie B.)”

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Tom said...

Dad (Augie) says that was the sweetest thing he has ever heard. We are so thankful to God for you girls and your families. Great post(again)!
Love you, Nana