Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer’s over…

Last week, Eli went to sleep clutching a wallet size school picture of Jonah and Josiah in each hand.  He obviously hasn’t forgotten our trip yet. 

I always like to have our one last hoo-rah in late August. This year it was so fun to leave the desert and enjoy 10 days of cool weather and green grass.  Now that we’re good and settled back in… and our jeans and jackets are loaded back into attic tubs… let’s take a moment to remember our vacation.

DSC_0017 copy 

It was like spending a week at a nature center with the chickens to chase, apples everywhere, cows next door,  artesian well to drink from

DSC_0012 copy  DSC_0165 copy


DSC_0006 copy

Time with the cousins all together is PRICELESS.  I love all 6 of these kids with all my heart.

DSC_0300  DSC_0229 copy

DSC_0111 copy

DSC_0087  DSC_0185


The county fair is always a favorite… even though it fills our  carnie interaction quota for the year in one night.  I swear these kids were supposed to be born into a farmer’s family… not a cereal salesman’s.  If only Kellogg’s sold cheese curds…. mmmmm…. cheese curds.  How will I wait ‘til next summer?

DSC_0027  DSC_0060

DSC_0054 copy  DSC_0050 copy  DSC_0053

I love this picture because it sooo captures Eli’s little mischievous personality with that sideways glance after being told not to stick his hands in the pins.

DSC_0040 copy


Although it is no fun to live SO far away from people you love, its always such a blessing to create such lasting memories in such a fun place.



jjaustin2 said...

Oh how I miss cheese curds!

Cristi said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast. I love the pic of Eli touching the pig through the gate, too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Tom said...

I am so glad you posted pictures of your trip. It looks like so much fun. What wonderful memories!

Anonymous said...

Being All together several times a year making unforgettable, precious memories, is how I survive being SO far apart!!! Also getting to watch my 6 wonderful grandchildren show so much love to each other is what makes my heart glad!!!

Miss and Love you, Maow

Amber said...

I love cheese curds too. They sell them at Whole Foods. Great pictures! Are those taken with your camera? If yes, what kind of camera is it?

The James Family said...

Great pictures! It looks like a really fun time. That artesian well sounds awesome. And I really want to try cheese curds.