Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Totally toddler art project tutorial…

Lily has been LOVIN’ her some paint.  We made a super cute tree for her room! It was fun and easy… so I thought I’d share.




supplies: canvas, assorted buttons, acrylic paint (2 colors), craft glue, foam brush, plastic spoon


1. I set a cut open cardboard box on the floor as our dropcloth.

2. I squirted paint directly on the canvas and let Lily smear it all over with the foam brush.

3. I let Lily paint on the cardboard box, while I painted a tree trunk and then let it dry.

4. I folded a piece of paper (hot dog style) and cut a circle at the top for the shape of our treetop.

5. I laid the paper in place on the canvas and squirted craft glue in circle. 

6. I helped Lily spread the glue around with a disposable spoon.

7. We both picked buttons from a bowl of pre-selected colors and placed them randomly inside the glue circle.

8. We picked a few extra spots that needed buttons and glued them on individually.

9. We washed hands while it dried… and VOILA…. an art project that I might hang up PERMANENTLY in her room.


*** you could definitely change it up and cut out a butterfly or heart or car or train… etc…. and fill that with buttons.


 DSC_0003-2   DSC_0012-3 DSC_0010-2DSC_0015-6


The James Family said...

Wow!! that is so cute. Please come make some art projects with your nephew. I don't want him to be deprived since his aunt took all the creative genes in the family. :)

David James said...

You're the Martha Stewart of Kingsland. And I mean that in a flattering way.

David, Ally, and Micah said...

i am so beyond jealous of your creative skills!

Seth , Angie, Noah said...

Gonna have to try that with Noah for our new baby! Cute cute cute :)

Anonymous said...

Please be thinking about things I can do in my house. Seriously! When you guys come, I really want you to help me redo some rooms!

Love you!

Cristi said...

Adorable. Good night nurse, you are so talented. :)

Tom said...

It is very cute and it looks great in Lily's room. I am always amazed with the projects you come up with. Love you all, Nana

Jen said...

so cute...i doubt ours would look that good!! =)

Casey said...

that's really cute! I think I might do something similar with my two girls