Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mermaid birthday…

for the last time… SERIOUSLY!





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Suz’s favorite blog Kelly’s Corner is doing her weekly spotlight on kids’ parties.  So…. since it is still fresh on my mind…

Here’s a little info on Lily’s MERMAID birthday last weekend:


The invitations: 

lily2invite copy 

I made them in photoshop elements with a mermaid that I had pre-painted on canvas and scanned in.

I had them printed on cardstock and added glitter to the mermaid tails… just for the girls.

I was so in love with them that I put a version in our etsy shop.



The Guestbook:

The Tiniest Mermaid by Laura Garnham.  …. the main character is named Lily. How could I resist?





  Kid friendly crafts/decorations: 









2 centerpiece:  99 cent cardboard number from Hobby Lobby painted by Lily with acrylic paint and a foam brush. I cut out the mermaid from extra invitations and glued her on for kicks.

balloon weights:  Lily went on a rock hunt for rocks the size of her hand.  Then we washed and dried them, wrapped them in pre-cut strips of tulle, and tied a big knot.

floating fish and sea-horse:  I cut fish and sea horses out 12x12 white cardstock and let Lily go to town painting them with acrylic paint on both sides.  When dry, I stapled bunched up tulle strips to make their fins.

festive bunting:  I printed Lily is two in fun fonts and cut them in triangle shapes.  Then I backed them with colored scrapbook paper, punched two holes in the top, and fed tulle through the holes.

no-sew birthday girl tutu:

Groovy Girl makeover…  don’t attempt this… NOT worth the effort. She spent the entire party laying lifeless next to the plate of  leftover hot dogs.



 Party Activities:





I decided to skip the mermaid fin (flipper) races like I envisioned and stick to things LILY would like (and be successful at),  it was HER party, after all.


Under the sea sidewalk chalk

Bubble Machine

Water galore… pools, slip and slide, and a sprinkler

Sand table


 Just for fun purchases:


image  image


mermaid swimsuit from Old Navy

Retro mermaid tank from Etsy

Mermaid bloomers from Etsy

Ariel’s sisters  from Amazon

Dolphin floaties from Oriental Trading Co.

Giant Beach Ball from Oriental Trading Co. (which I drew a Sharpie Mermaid on… but would have let older kids decorate at the party… 2 year olds… not so much)



The cupcakes: (which I completely forgot to get good pictures of)



Sea shell cupcake topper:  I printed Lily’s photo on scrapbook paper and cut it into a shell shape.  I glued two together with a toothpick in between to make cupcake toppers.

Mermaid tails:  I cut upside down mermaid tails from different orange-y scrapbook papers  and glued them on toothpicks to make the illusion of mermaids diving into my ocean blue icing.

Fish in the sea:  I unwrapped orange starburst and warmed them in the microwave. I used a rolling pin to roll them out between two pieces of wax paper.  Then I used scissors to cut out fish shapes to put on the cupcakes.


The party favors:



Grow your own mermaid from Hobby Lobby

Fish squirters from OTC

Fish beach balls from OTC

Fish straws from OTC

Dolphins and Friends snacks (Austin brand)
Sea Animal cookies (Austin brand)
(conveniently owned by Keebler which is owned by Kellogg’s which employs my husband… I think we have about 3/4 of a CASE left of each… we’ll be eating these until Lily’s high school graduation)


The James Family said...

I just think you have such great ideas and I want the world to see them!!!! Lily's party was awesome and I love all the little details you thought of for the party.

Sara said...

lily is adorable! great party. wish i had a girl after seeing the tutu!!! :)

Tom said...

Lots of love and thought went into the B-Bug's b-day party and it shows. Love, Nana

Michie said...

My four year old is OBSESSED with mermaids. She'd love this. What great ideas. I love the idea of a guest book! I'll have to remember that idea.

Candice said...

Those decorations are amazing, thank you for telling how you made them all. i just love this theme, so darling

Ashley said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile and I am so impressed with how creative you are! Thanks for sharing some of your ideas. I will definitely keep these in mind when Zoey turns two!

Jen said...


Kids Matter said...

I love this party idea and have linked to you from our blog at We are doing a post on gret but affordable birthday parties to run on 5/24/10. Thansk!

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Melissa said...

Are you still selling the invitations? Can you please message me? Thanks!!

Shauna Lynn said...

Melissa, Blogger makes it impossible for me to see your email address. Send me an email at and I can reply to it. Thanks.

Melissa said...

I emailed you yesterday but it may have gone to your spam folder.