Saturday, January 21, 2012



I was so, so excited to go back again with Jeff’s family to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’.

Lily was the perfect age to enjoy the ‘magic…  Beankins, on the other hand, had a wonderful time, but would have been just as happy at the city park… for free.


Despite my photo catalog of acceptable outfits to prevent Bug from throwing a fit to wear dirty jeggings and a size 3T shirt everyday… 

Lily just wanted to match Gracie everyday.  Luckily, she has a very sweet Aunt and Maow that buy them cute matching things.  We didn’t have a fit for dirty jeggings until the trip home.


Some favorites from our trip…

character to meet: Lily- Rapunzel Eli- Pooh (least favorite: Stitch…. who even is that guy?)

ride: Lily- Star Tours, safari tour at Animal Kingdom     Eli- jungle river cruise at Magic Kingdom (he totally thought all of those animatronic elephants were real… and AMAZING!)

Jeff’s favorite part was when Eli would fall asleep in the stroller.  Sad.

My favorite part was the disney dining plan… getting to eat mashed potatoes and dessert at every meal. Sadder.


I had a strange fascination with trying to figure out if the people in the suits were men or women.  I don’t know about Phineas… but he was definitely a parent, as he plucked Beankin’s pacifier out at the last minute.  These pictures are so funny to me… because Jeff caught him pulling it out and then Eli looking at me like…

“Did you see that Mommo? 

Who is this fool?”



Having four doting older cousins has got to be the best thing in the world… seriously. 


2nd favorite thing  has to be having a kid this time that wasn’t scared of the characters. 

Lily still was a little uncomfortable… but Eli just wanted to KISS them all.


I could go back every year… and it would never get old. 

Heck, I could be a dancer in the parade and it would never get old.


Anonymous said...

We had SO much fun! I, too, could go back every year; unfortunately, my "big" boys think we need to do something different next year. Maybe a cruise?

Love you and miss you!

Tom said...

Love all of it! It makes me wish we had been there with all of you. Love,

Anonymous said...

We too wish that Nana and Augie could have joined us at Disney!! It is the happiest place in the world!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures Shauna, love reading your blog!

Miss you SO very much!

Love, Maow

Anonymous said...

Shauna, I love reading your posts. This one made me laugh out loud and tear up! Such beautiful family memories. I too could work there and it would never grow old!