Monday, December 19, 2011

B-Bug’s got a brand new room…

constant ear fluid and pressure for over a year, hearing loss, 3 surgeries in one day followed by 12 LONG days of recovery…

… the poor kid deserved a little something.



Horsies are out.  She stills loves them… but with the help of Bindi Irwin… she has broadened her animal tastes to those that aren’t just found in a pasture behind our house.

Zebras are in... and leopards… and koalas.  Lily is excited about Heaven because somewhere she came to believe that Jesus will give her her very own zebra to ride there.  She loves all animals

… as long as they are babies

…. and wearing cute bows or tutus.

In efforts to make an animal bedroom for a very style conscious 4 year old…  we gave her what she calls a ‘Fashion-y  baby animal room’.


I HEART this ‘Paisley Pop’ bedding.  Although it was weird buying PB TEEN for my pre-schooler, it makes me happy every time I walk past the door and see it in an unmade, messy heap.  I also love these pillows that Maow sewed while she was here.  I can’t wait until life is not so hectic and I can make some fabric flowers for the pink one.

Note… even Lily’s American Girl doll is getting in on the action and  wearing a zebra shirt from Maow.

D7K_0516           D7K_0939

These are Lily’s 2 favorite animal t-shirts that I immortalized on canvas.  I wonder at what age she’ll stop thinking it is cool to have her mom make all of the art for her room…  not for a long time I hope.  I’ve decide that I love to paint.  I love it more than I loved making collage nursery art back when Laura and I were the only ones on Etsy selling it…. a lot more.


  I love this little book nook that we created in lieu of a night stand with lamp.  

The only problem is that I want to keep this nice display of animal themed books untouched… she can retrieve the ones she actually wants to read from the bookshelf across the room. 


She hasn’t  stuck with this plan.










I saw a similar quatrefoil painting while watching  ‘Goodluck Charlie’ with my niece two Christmases ago… and it inspired my desire to persuade B-Bug to want to redecorate her room.  Super easy to make…  using a little 7th grade math, a compass, and drawer full of acrylic paint colors… luckily I had all three.

D7K_0943                D7K_0944

We had to set a 2 gumballs per day limit… to ensure that she has some teeth left on her 5th birthday.

My heart is really in the details.  Lily was able to help with these… like placing all of her bows on a dress form and picking out her favorite animals from these baby animal sound flashcards.  Surely Eli won’t miss these 6.

D7K_0950        D7K_0963       



What fashion-y baby animal room is complete without a pink leopard piggy bank?

It is hard to believe that this is the silhouette I painted  of my sweet little Bug…


… who looked like this the first time I made one.



I hope she looks back on each phase of her little oasis and sees the love that went into creating it for her.

D7K_0948      D7K_0512


The James Family said...

It all looks so great. You are a really talented painter. Again--why did you have to get all of those genes and I got ZERO??

Anonymous said...

I want to move today to be closer to you guys! I hate not knowing when this might happen. Promise me that when it does, you will help me decorate my kids' rooms!

Love you!

Tom said...

Lily's room is so cute! I can't even pick my favorite part b/c I love it all.
Love, Nana

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

it's beautiful!!! she's a lucky girl!!

ndooley said...

Her room is beautiful! I purchased the same bedding for my 7 year old daughter but am struggling with paint colors. If you don't mind me asking, what is the name of the paint color you used?