Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guess what y’all…

I’m officially a walker!    (… and ready for March Madness!)


I’ve marked in the baby books at 10 months.  He’s been taking steps for a while… but last week he started being able to cross a room on his own two feet.  Who would have thought… walking before he even says ‘Mama’.  What a different kid this is than the first one…. (pictured in the background wearing fairy wings, ballet slippers and jammies at 2 in the afternoon.  sidenote: Olson has started calling her ‘Hef’ because the only other person he can think of that wears his jammies all day is Hugh Hefner.)


p.s.  no.  you’re right. he hasn’t closed his mouth for a picture since birth.


Seth , Angie, Noah said...

Oh boy you have your hands full with that double dose of personality they have! Love the mouth open smiles :)

Anonymous said...

He isn't a baby any more. He is so big! Miss you all!


Anonymous said...

We love our little Eli's beautiful smile!!! What a happy baby, I mean toddler!!! 'Hef' certainly has the right idea, jammies all day!!!

Miss all of you terribly. Only a month before our April visit!!!

Love, Maow

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