Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More scrapbook pages…

half way in and I’ve hit a wall.  I’m trudging on… thoughts of first birthdays and easter in the coming months remind me that my list continues to grow… and free time will be hard to come by.



How sad is it that some movie called ‘kick ass’ was #1?  I’ll forever have the classic Africa by Toto as my birth song…  he’ll have Rude Boy.  Neat.



this may be a repeat… I can’t remember when I finished it.









So bizarre that she went from toddler to full grown kid over night…. that night being April 19th of course.






Anonymous said...

Your pages are so beautiful Shauna. Your creativity is endless!!! I don't even have children at home, but still neglect not to make time or take time to scrapbook. Maybe your pages of my precious babies will inspire me to get going.

Love You, Maow

The James Family said...

I meant to write this a week ago but forgot. These are awesome, as usual. I really think we should work out a deal where i pay you to make scrapbooks for my kids. hey--maybe that should be your source of income when the kids go to school. I wonder if there is a market for that?? :)