Monday, March 28, 2011

Eli’s first (and hopefully last) trip to the ER…

all because his favorite toy is a princess microphone that lights up and sings ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo’.

He stood up during a diaper change to get away from me… which is customary during all diaper changes… lost his balance and the skinny end of the microphone was standing up between the floor and his EYE!  He couldn’t open it for a few minutes while crying bloody tears.  Praise Jesus that Suzanne was there to keep Lily and praise Jesus both of my parents left their jobs to meet me at the ER since Jeff was in San Antonio and praise Jesus that the ER doctor secretly told us to leave and go to the Eye Center and praise Jesus that they got us right in

…and praise Jesus above all else that after the awful ordeal of having his hurt eye dilated with 6 rounds of drops and checked out-- he had missed the major stuff and had no puncture wound or even scratches …only  a surface hemorrhage (aka nasty eye bruise) that will go away in 5-15 days with no medication or follow up visits… (which is what I was praying the entire drive there).  Praise Jesus.

Here’s our little guy sporting his new gimpy eye and eating some cookies. I still wish he would have worn the tiny sized dilated eye shades from the doctor.  They would have been precious on him…  I wasn’t about to torture him for some better pictures of his first major injury.

I think we might start calling him ‘Left Eye’.





David James said...

Poor little guy. I'm glad you took him to the eye doctor right away.

Anonymous said...

My heart just broke when Jeff called me after my precious Eli left the doctors office. Praise the Lord that he is okay!!!!! So glad that your family was there to comfort you!!

See you in 15 days YEAH!!!!!

Love you, Maow

Tom said...