Monday, June 28, 2010



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It all started when Jenni gave me the book ‘Hello Cupcake’ for Christmas.  Lily spotted these horse cupcakes and decided then and there that she wanted a horsie party.  Flash forward four months… new baby boy in tow… I realize that I better get cracking on this pony party.  Thinking about last year’s mermaid bash was my main hobby from about March to July.   So… I’m thinking a month is plenty because… what started as a quiet little backyard party for Lily and the little local girls that she plays with… turned into this:





A new pair of pink boots arrived the day before the party from Maow and Papa… I can’t imagine her having nearly as much fun without them.











  Nana held Baby Brother (decked out in his cowboy pearl snap outfit) the whole time.  He couldn’t have been a better baby. 



















Everything we served at the party was Lily’s favorites, Chik-fil-A nugget tray, carrots and ranch dip, cheese balls, sweet tea, and her most adamant request  ROOT BEER FLOATS.






Lily’s wish was for a white pony… she got her first experience in how God loves her more than she knows and orchestrates things to work in her favor.  The pony company showed up 2 hours early and brought FOUR ponies instead of just one.   Best of all, one of them was a white pony with blue eyes.  Lily even got to take a few rides before the party started.




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This theme loving Mama LOVED that so many guests came with horse/cowgirl related outfits. 





I’m pretty much in LOVE with planning birthday parties… it is about my favorite thing to do.  So, it pains me after it is over and the pictures fail to capture some of my favorite parts.  Lily LOVES crafts… so I made sure to have a table with pony pictures to color and a pink cowgirl necklaces to make.  I  loved looking over and seeing the girls coloring and making necklaces… but didn’t have my camera then.


















Oriental trading company is pretty much my favorite thing in the world… can you believe they actually had bouncy balls with horses inside?



  DSC_0061-2 DSC_0058-2


Nana and Augie’s gift, pink microphone, was a BIG HIT!

DSC_0153 DSC_0158


We have the greatest friends.

This was hands down the HAPPIEST  day of Lily’s life.  She was SO, SO, SO excited.  I was so in love with seeing her enjoy it all.   Can’t imagine how I can make her next year even more special for her GOLDEN birthday… but I’ll sure give it my best effort!


The James Family said...

It was super fun and everything was so cute! You definitely have a special gift for this and you amaze me with all the little details you think of. I'm glad Lily had such a special day.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Once again you are SO, SO amazing Shauna!!! Everyone I know wants you to plan their parties. You really need to go into business doing this, of course in your spare time (ha, ha). My precious Lily is the most beautiful little cowgirl that I have ever seen. Also, my little Eli looks so peaceful sleeping on Nana. Wish we could have been there with you to celebrate. Next year!!! Love You-Maow

Cora said...

What a fantastic birthday party!!! It's so great that you love to plan parties. Lily will have lots of wonderful memories. You'll have to figure out what the next occasion is for a party : ) It's TUESDAY, everybody, time for a party!--tea party tuesday or something...

Tom said...

It was a great party. I couldn't believe that they showed up with 4 horses! That really is God doing exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond all that a little girl could even ask or think. I love the picture of Lily sitting in the chair with her braided hair and her pink boots. Eli was a very good boy. Seriously, you could be a "Birthday Planner".

Shanna said...

I can't pick my favorite part of Lily's party. Everything from the hand-squeezed lemonade to the horse was all PERFECT! The only problem....Riley keeps asking if we can go over and ride Lily's ponies again!!!!