Thursday, July 08, 2010

4th of July 2010 means Lily is officially 3…



After watching Olivia, Lily decided that she HAD to have a ‘lemony’ lemonade stand.  Luckily, we were headed to the Jameses’ 4th of July celebration the next day with LOTS of people.  Sharon  was so sweet and set Lily up a stand and even got play money for her.  She had a BLAST serving her lemonade.  She even made 3 real dollars from the benevolence of an anonymous donor and Aunt Pat.

DSC_0004-4 DSC_0008-4 DSC_0007-3 

As always, the celebration was lots of fun… even when it was like this:



Since the Belton 4th of July fell on the 3rd this year… we had to come up with new ways to make Lily’s real birthday special on the 4th.

Starting with a living room sleepover on the air bed with popcorn and root beer… ‘ra-veer’.  Lily chose to rent ‘The Squeak-quel"  which ended up being “too scary” and “Tinkerbell’  for which she stayed awake until the bitter end.  Not the best night of sleep in my life… but still lots of fun.  Unintentionally… I think we’ve created a new Olson family birthday tradition.


Lily also, finally, got to open her present from Jeff and me.  The ‘Makin’ Mudpies’ table that she wanted SO bad after seeing the commercial. 

We decided to swap mud for sand to avoid it becoming the ‘Makin’ Ringworms’ table… as we have no fence and do occasionally see a stray cat … who we’ve affectionately named ‘Kirby Puckett’ and fed a couple of dino nuggets once.

DSC_0055-3 DSC_0059-3

We ended the day with her first fireworks show on Nana and Augie’s boat dock… and now she is this many…DSC_0049-3


The Colschen's said...

Love the family tradition you created and will need to start that for our family next year! Can't believe how big your little guy looks. Time sure does go by fast! I mean Lilly is proof of that especially in the very last picture holding up how old she is. Too cute!

Stephanie said...

Your kids are both gorgeous! Looks ilke a fun celebration!

Anonymous said...

What amazingly great parents you are!!!!! You always have a way of making things so special!!! Papa and I can't get over how much our adorable baby Eli has changed since June. My precious Lily has to be the luckiest three year old getting to have three birthday parties. Love the Lemony Stand.
Love and Miss you, Maow

Suzanne said...

I can't believe she is just now 3. It seems like she has been 3 forever--I forget sometimes that she is 10 months younger than Luke because she is so smart. You are a good Mom to do the living room sleepover. That's a fun tradition. I may try it with Luke...then again...I probably won't. I may make Mark do it :)