Thursday, April 01, 2010

We’re officially ready…

Baby Eli can come whenever he wants. 


I always love to plan and shop for a new room.  I’m super ‘theme-y’.  This time it bikes.

Just like with Lily’s, the bedding I chose went to clearance right after I picked it.  I was able to find all of the pieces easily…  but nothing was over 15$.  I found the last bumper for $8… it was awesome. Let me clarify that I am ANTI-BUMPER for their link to SIDS… I’ll be trading it for a breathable bumper when he actually starts sleeping in there.  For Lily, that wasn’t until like 6 months after birth… so I figure I have some time to let it look cute.

My super- talented mother-in-law made a valance from a bed skirt.

The bedding is washed and ready… but I often find “Lulu” and various toys in there… which makes one wonder what else has been in there.

  DSC_0016-1   DSC_0012-1 DSC_0011-2 DSC_0010-5

I fell in love with these vintage bike prints.  I felt that Jeff’s former status as a bike store employee and bike enthusiast might allow me to postpone the inevitable Minnesota Twins room for just a little while.


Although Twins stuff is still sprinkled around…

DSC_0009-5 DSC_0008-1 DSC_0006-5

… pretty much everywhere.

For some reason, I love that gum chewing bobble head more than I should.  Jeff loves that I continue to call him ‘Meen-ka-witz’ when it is pronounced ‘Man-KAY-vich’. 

The book is true vintage Curious George and the little red tricycle was baby Jeffie’s.

Don’t tell Eli that the yellow bike is vintage BARBIE…. I painted the Barbie stickers green… he’ll never know.


I love me some BILL PEET

… even if did write Eli as a LAZY lion… instead of a really cool, brave one.


That bike pillow from The Land of Nod was my first discovery in boy’s bedding that actually made me excited to decorate a boy nursery…. thus, a bike room it was.

Carla used the rest of that bed skirt from the curtain to make a skirt around the glider ottoman. So perfect! 

We re-finished Jeff’s grandma’s glider that had been in Lily’s room… and was the hardest project EVER.  To those that think the white crib is girly and should have been refinished dark as well… I would say to ‘bite me’.  I will never sand and stain another piece of furniture… if I can at all help it.  Even though Jeff did 96% of the work…. my 4% time spent sanding was TORTUROUS

… but still a labor of love trying to make everything perfect for our first little boy.


Suzanne said...

Eli's room is SO, SO cute!! I love all the little details. If I could ever think of any cool themes like you, maybe I'd be more "theme-y." And I also love that you mentioned the bumper issue. Thanks for helping it not be my one woman crusade :) I would definitely have one too if mine had been on clearance.

Stephanie said...

This room is adorable! I wish I was as good at decorating as you. You get excited about a new room to decorate and I start sweating! Me + home decor = stressful disaster...

He is going to love his bike room, and I think the white crib goes perfectly with everything you have! Can't wait to meet this little guy!

Anonymous said...

Our precious baby Eli's room is the most beautiful baby boy's room ever. Pottery Barn watch out!!! All your love and hard work certainly show through in the many, many details.

I can't wait to get to see all of you in a couple of weeks.
Love You,Maow

Shanna said...

Shauna, once again you AMAZE me! Do you have creativity oozing from every pore? Eli is one lucky little guy!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the room! You are so talented! The crib doesn't look girly at all. It blends in well with all of the decore.

I can't wait to meet Eli. It won't be long.

Love you all,