Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness…

I can’t even believe that this month is over.  We’ve been so incredibly busy, the whole thing has been a blur.


Here are some highlights from our month:

Jeff and Lily planted a new garden.  That night it was uprooted by local ‘varmints’…. and is now enclosed with a chicken wire fence.

 DSC_0008-3 copyDSC_0005-5

We went with friends to Crowe’s Nest Farm. So much fun and a very neat place to visit. Lily was in farm animal heaven.…. but the bumpy hayride nearly put Suzanne into early labor. 

 DSC_0005 DSC_0003


We went to the fair at the the Star of Texas Rodeo in Austin.  Lily was born to be a farm girl.  Jeff may have to make a serious career change.


DSC_0081  DSC_0067-1 DSC_0069-1

DSC_0064-1 DSC_0036-1

Lily drew our family portrait on the back porch.  I thought it was too precious… although I am still unclear why she always includes the NEIGHBOR’s great dane, Moses.



My sweet playgroup friends, Shanna and Anna, threw a shower for me including the greatest cake I have ever tasted.  I really hit the friend lottery with them… and not just for their mad baking skills.  I barely even needed any new big items for this baby because they’ve already given me EVERYTHING!  What a blessing they are.  Wish I’d brought my camera to the event… poor second child picture neglect is already beginning.



Last weekend, Jeff was out of town…  (YES, working out of town on a WEEKEND!) … so we helped with my mom’s friend’s garage sale.  I was able to sell  various items clogging our attic.  However, I did come home with this (that will probably soon fall into that category):



a mini trampoline that Lily fell in love with and ultimately cost $10 of my profit. 

***To explain:

  Sometimes with her, we just have to laugh and take a picture in total confusion

… and then get the vacuum.


Anonymous said...

Lily is such a beautiful child! Love the pics of her and Daddy planting their garden. Can't wait to see the four of you in a month!


The James Family said...

That last picture of Lily is hilarious. I'm glad y'all had a fun and busy March. Can you believe it is April and we are having our babies THIS MONTH!!!!