Thursday, March 11, 2010

Country Bug goes to the big city…

Jeff has been out of town A LOT lately…

so this week… Lily and I  decided to take a mother/bug road trip to Houston before baby Eli comes and shakes things up a little bit.  I couldn’t help but laugh as Lily yelled out, “Look at those giant buildings!” and “We’re way up in the sky!” as we drove on a tall fly-over.  My poor little Country Mouse (or Country Bug)… who is way more accustomed to seeing livestock out of their fences or calling out when fresh roadkill is spotted. I couldn’t believe how even I have changed… 2 years in the small town has made me such a nervous city driver… all the signs and exits and other drivers!  You’d never know that I learned to drive at 16 right there amongst it all.

We stayed with my best friend from college, Laura, who I miss terribly…

(…and who is our family photographer.  She took some maternity photos of Lily and me this time…  what a bad time to leave my makeup bag and hair products sitting on the bathroom counter 4 hours away. I’m a little nervous to have photographic documentation of my Au-natural look… outside of my own possession.)

The best part was that  Lily got to play with Kate and Jack.

Here they are at the Houston Children’s Museum… which is about the coolest place on Earth. Living in the city definitely has its advantages.

DSC_0023-1 DSC_0009-2 DSC_0013-4 DSC_0014-3 DSC_0019-1


It is crazy for me to think that just a few years ago…. we were like this:

Top-2.BMP Top-1.BMPTop.BMP 


And now we’re taking pictures like this:

Growing up is CRAZY!! 


DSC_0029-1 DSC_0026-1 DSC_0027-1

Maybe in 16 years they’ll all be at UT together… and look back these pictures of before they could even do ‘hook ‘em horns’ and laugh.


There is nothing better than getting together with a friend that knows everything about you already and still likes you.

Laura and I used to live in the same house…. oh how I wish we could at least live in the same town again.


Stephanie said...

I am sure Gavin will be the same way about the "tall buildings" with us living out in the sticks in West Texas!

David James said...

You should see if Wes Walters has a house somewhere between Houston and Kingsland. Glad you have fun in the city.

Laura said...

It really is crazy how our lives have changed! So glad Lily could come get a taste of "city life." And I too wish we lived much, much closer! P.S. did you have to post photos from FRESHMAN year?!? :)

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

I know exactly how you feel. My BF friend childhood and I have vowed to raise our kids as cousins. It's worked. Owen truly thinks we are related. I LOVE it. They are coming to spend spring break with us and I couldn't be more thrilled. There is nothing more special than a best friend who you can expose your crazy side too.

The James Family said...

I'm glad you and Lily were able to visit the Watsons. That children's museum looks and sounds awesome! I haven't heard great things about Austin's and it is far away. I can't wait to see the pictures Laura took of you!!

Cora Burns said...

The children's museum looks great. I'll have to see if they have one in Dallas. It sounds like Houston was a fun trip for both of you. Nice to visit somebody that knows you so well and has kids too!

Tom said...

Cute pictures. I am glad you and Lily had a good time. I am glad you and Laura were able to catch up and make some new memories. Love, Nana