Sunday, December 06, 2009

Home Improvement…


I’ve just attempted to spell the guttural noise that Tim Allen used to make on that show because it seemed fitting to follow the given title.

Anyway… Jeff has finished his new office.   I have been beyond impressed by my husband’s construction skills.  I once dated a guy who couldn’t change his own tire… enough said.  It really looks so great… and I am in love with my new PANTRY!!!  The builders not putting one in… was the oversight of the century.  

Jeff’s dad was an invaluable resource when they came for a week in October.  After that, Jeff can’t truthfully say he didn’t have any professional help with the room.

Here are the office before photos…. when it was just extra garage space.

DSC_0217 DSC_0218

Now it just continues off of the laundry room like it was always meant to be there.

 DSC_0008-1 DSC_0009-1

His mom was gracious enough to help me re- paint our living room and kitchen, that I’ve been dying to do.  Jeff has been hoping I would just forget about it.  Our living room went from celery root (light green) to macadamia (taupe) and our kitchen from garden dusk (dark green) to composed (turquoise).  It makes me happy to look at my turquoise wall and I LOVE that it feels like a new house.

I made and distressed this sign to hang with some scrap board from Jeff’s project.  I put one of my favorite verses that Jesus said and I have to remind myself of daily all the things that I was given freely and am expected to give freely to EVERYONE. (grace, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, acceptance… etc.)


Lily’s baby room to big girl room conversion hasn’t come together quite the way I envisioned it… but I officially have baby boy nursery on the brain.  Therefore, I think I’m done messing with it for a while. So I will share it.


I found this cowgirl/horsie bedding.

I made a throw pillow from a pink bandana.


I found some vintage horse/western books and held them up with Jeff’s tiny boots.  They make me happy just to imagine his size 12 feet ever fitting in those little things.


I painted a tin barn star pink and  incorporated art from the VanillaBean Graveyard (my craft closet).


I made new art…. that is now listed in my etsy store.  I’m just not feeling it with the green on the blue walls.  I think I might try to do something like spelling out her name in rope instead. We’ll see.


It hangs over her new ‘dress up nook’ with mirror.


I made this collage:

DSC_0011 DSC_0012

a vintage “western girl apples” ad… that I painted over with pink

a black and white photo  print find

a homemade rodeo sign (I made in photoshop)

used horseshoe with scrapbook paper matte

horse sillouhette (I made this after our computer crashed… without photoshop… freehand with scissors… don’t judge too harshly.)

hat creek cattle co. sign… Jeff made me do this! I was going to make it say GOD BLESS TEXAS, but he insisted on this allusion to Lonesome Dove, my dad’s all-time favorite book/movie.  It means nothing to Lily.

Here are two items that were supposed to be Christmas presents… but just couldn’t stay out of this room.

DSC_0004 DSC_0010

a stained glass horse nightlight

a Giddy Up, Cowgirl book

And of course… there is the ultimate Cowgirl bedroom accessory…. Nubbin.  Who can be seen donning a bandana and bow as he gazes out the window and imagines a world where children actually like him and want to play with him.



The James Family said...

Everything looks so good! I love the office so much. And Lily's room looks great. I hope your boy nursery doesn't put mine to shame and don't forget that you will be responsible for all the artwork for his room and Lukie's big boy room :)

Stephanie said...

Her room is adorable! If you call that not finished, then I don't want you to see a single room in my house. I can't wait to see what you do with the little guys room! Love the turquoise walls!

Melanie said...

Hi Shauna! My name is Melanie, and our husbands acutally work together for Kellogs! Some how, I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to introduce myself! Your daughter is beautiful and congratulations on the upcoming little boy! So exciting!

Laura said...

it looks awesome shauna!! i love all the details in lily's room. can you please come decorate my house for Christmas?!?

Cristi said...

Too cute. Again, you are SO creative. Can you come and give my house some refreshing? ha

Tom said...

I too am very impressed with Jeff and his Dad's carpentry skills. The office really does look so nice and it looks like it has always been part of the house. I love Lily's room as well. Poor Nubbin, but he/she fits well into the room. Love, Nana

Amber said...

The room looks great! I would love to see it for real.