Friday, December 11, 2009

pictures from the week…

First of all, Colt McCoy owes his stroke of good fortune to this kid:


who donned longhorn cheer skirt and bevo slippers while yelling ‘Gooooo Longhorns!” before the game even started.

DSC_0001-1   DSC_0003-3 



We put up our not 1 not 2, but 3 Christmas trees… (truthfully before Thanksgiving)… but I’m just now saying it.  Jeff was pretty sure last year when I came home with 3 trees from a after Christmas sale that we were going to have to sell tickets to the ‘freak show’ that was going to take place in our house this year.  However, I LOVE them… and I think he was pleasantly surprised.


I bought two keepsake boxes for Lily and the new baby to keep all of their special ornaments in every year.  Lily already picked her favorite.  Having a 2nd kid really brings a lot of things into perspective for me… as a 2nd kid.  Sad. 

I’m so excited to have 2 stockings up this year… can’t wait to settle on a name so that we can visit the embroidery shop.

DSC_0039 DSC_0037


Nubbin got a special break.  Lily is way into Strawberry Shortcake right now… who conveniently for Nubbin, has a horse friend named Honey Pie.  Therfore, Nubbin has been renamed ‘Honey Pie’ and is moved out to the living room every morning so Lily can ride on him while she watches ‘A Berry Merry Christmas’.


Sidenote:  this child rarely wears pants indoors.  One trip to the bathroom, and we’re lucky to even get her undies back on.


Lukie B. came to visit on Wednesday and they painted some mitten ornaments.  This makes Lily’s 3rd special ornament this year so far… I’ve got to find a new craft for us to do or the baby will never be able to catch up.



Suzanne said...

Lily is the cutest little Longhorn cheerleader ever. And I love all your Christmas decor and the 3 trees look great! I guess maybe the second kid does get shafted sometimes BUT at least we both don't have any special keepsake ornaments from our childhood--so we're even on that one :)
(love you Mom (when you read this) even if you aren't the best about keepsakes :) )

Seth , Angie, Noah said...

YOur trees are adorable. We have the same ones but I just put up ones these days. In fact with our second child on the scene we now have an ornament-less tree! As Noah decided to scratch Gracie with the hooks, ugh.

Tom said...

Cute, Cute pictures of Lilybug being a cheerleader for the Longhorns. They definitely needed some luck to come their way. Your house looks amazing. I am sorry that all of yours and Suz's handmade ornaments didn't make it through the years. What can I say. The hot and cold of garage attics is not a friend of elmers glue. Love you, Nana