Wednesday, October 28, 2009

inconclusive gender news….

I spent 30 dollars on this test.  It is proclaimed to be 82-90% accurate, is sold at Walgreens and former ‘girl next door’ Kendra Wilkinson used it.  So, seriously, how could I NOT buy the test.


However, I was so concerned with the accuracy of the test that I didn’t research how to read the results clearly and didn’t take a picture to send to the company to have them verify.  It was clearly ‘boy’ when I went to grab Carla… but turned into pretty much all the way  ‘girl’  at the very end of the 10 minute wait.  It says ‘pink or blue’ on the box… but in reality you have to judge between greenish yellow or orangish yellow.  So… bummer… I wasted 30 dollars and I’ll have to wait until after Thanksgiving to start looking at nursery decor.

The fact that I felt sicker at the beginning and have wicked pregnancy acne, which can be caused from the baby’s testosterone, makes me think BOY.  However, the migraines I knew so well with Lily have returned and could mean GIRL.

Lily said something today that I couldn’t help but laugh at.

She came over and felt my forehead and said, “Hey Mama,  this silly baby keeps giving you zits and headaches.’

… but imagine it in her precious little voice, trying to be serious, and saying ‘stits’ instead of zits.


The James Family said...

That is hilarious that she said that to you. I'm sorry the intelligender test was inconclusive. That's a bummer. If I had 30 bucks to waste I would get one too :)

Stephanie said...

I totally have the pregnancy acne too! I had it with Gavin and this baby too. Makes me think I am having another boy! I am going to guess boy for you! They are so much fun... :) That is a neat test, too bad the colors were all off!

Tom said...

Out of the mouths of babes. I still can't believe that you get to find out the sex. In my pregnancy days, if you wanted to get your nursery ready early, you had to do yellow and green. Love, Nana

Jen said...

too funny! i can't wait to find out what you are having!!

Cristi said...

I would've loved to have heard Lily say that, too cute.