Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I’m SEW proud of myself…

the mermaid makeover of Lily’s groovy girl from Nana last year is complete.


DO NOT look closely at my lines and stitching…. it is not a pretty sight!

I also sewed a little shirt on this 7$ Wal-Mart mermaid towel.  I hate when kid’s mermaids are too sexy. I don’t think it sets a good example for my 2 year old…. who already noticed and pointed out to me  the ‘boob-bas’  on the towel mermaid.

That was the reason I decided to paint my own mermaid for the invitation… because none of the ones I found were toddler-friendly enough.  This towel is probably going to be hung up for decoration as a little birdie told me that Lily may be receiving this mermaid towel from PBK at her party! YAY!




I’ll keep that photo small… because the stitching is even worse on that one.  It was a bigger job than I thought with lots of little edges and rounded corners.





Lily has been LOVING to help make all of the birthday crafts.  I let her paint some fish and seahorses to hang in Nana and Augie’s trees… and she has asked to get out the ‘paintin’ stuff’ every day since.

DSC_0002 DSC_0004


Turning 2 was a HUGE deal in our house…. now Lily has been wearing undies for the last 3 days (only one accident so far… praise Jesus.) She didn’t even wet her pull-up during naptime and all night long yesterday. Also… her room got a new BIG GIRL makeover.





Her new FP Loving Family dollhouse from Maow took the place of the changing table.  We’ll be excited when she gets furniture, car  and the family from Nana and Augie at her party.  Right now, she just likes to pretend that her my little pony babies fall off the balcony and have to go to the doctor.



*****sidenote:  My husband is the greatest. I told him I thought it needed a platform… and he had it built before bedtime. *****

We also turned her crib into a toddler bed.  She LOVES it! Several times today and yesterday, she took my hand saying, ‘C’mon Mommy. Come see my ‘big bird’ bed!”

However, the  little eyes peering at me over my bed at 2:00 a.m. last night were a little disturbing.  After waking to a kick in the mouth and Jeff on the couch… I’m saying we’ll give her one more night…. and the crib is BACK until her 3rd birthday!


Shanna said...

Your blogs make me smile!!! The "move" to a big-girl bed can be rough! Hang in there!!! I put three stickers on Emily's door at bedtime. If she got out of bed she would lose a sticker. When her chart was full, she got a prize....she learned quickly if she got all 3 stickers her chart would fill up faster and I got to sleep ALL night....priceless!
Can't wait for Lily's party!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You are too gifted girl! Will you please come and help me plan all of my children's parties? The thought, creativity, and effort you put into things are amazing!

Yay Lily, for wearing undies! She is such a big girl.

Can't wait to see ya'all (did I do that right?) in a few of weeks!


Tom said...

Wow, I am just wondering where all this creativity came from. I think it all looks great!I love your honesty, too. It is so much fun watching my grandkids grow and mature. Everything that has been said about being a grandparent is true. Love you all, Nana

Jen said...

what a big girl!!

Suzanne said...

I'm really impressed with your sewing. Can't wait until you can make me outfits :) I'm also impressed that y'all already transitioned Lily to the big girl bed. I think Mark and I waited as long as we possibly could--but I think I love my sleep a whole lot more than you do. So impressed with the potty training too--yay Lily!!