Saturday, July 04, 2009

Can’t even believe…

little Miss America is TWO!!!



She’s 2’11’ and 29 pounds.  This is the magic age where you can double her height and see how tall she’ll be when she’s full grown.  So… looks like 5’10’’ is the magic number.  That’s pretty tall…. maybe she’ll be a model

…    for brain surgeon magazine.


P6185988   DSC_0005-3



She looks like such a big girl compared to this time last year.


As of right now….

She talks NON-stop…. as long as no one new or scary or MALE is around. There’s really no word she CAN’T say anymore.  Just the other day, she asked for PISTACHIOS by name…. well STACHIOS really.  She’s gone a whole day in underwear with no accidents…only to refuse to potty the next day and CHOOSE to pee all over the floor multiple times…. praise Jesus for tile floors.  She loves to play doctor to all her babies and animals (and mom and dad), my little pony babies, and farm. Although, I think the new Loving Family Dollhouse from Maow will be an instant favorite.  She still loves Barney… but lately Backyardigans has been a top pick (much from the prompting of her mom.)

More than anything though, this kid loves to SING and DANCE.  If you couldn’t tell she was my child from looking at her… you couldn’t help but see it in her showmanship.


Happy Birthday to B-Bug from Jeff Olson on Vimeo.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl!





Lily had a wonderful ‘RED, WHITE, and BLUE’ party at Lukie’s Ammy and PawPaw’s house in  Temple.  She loved that everyone sang Happy Birthday before the prayer, she loved the pool and slip and slide, she loved blowing out her candles, playing with friends new and old (after she got over her bad mood) and she loved opening her new pink baseball glove from Dad and my little pony baby from Nana and Augie.


DSC_0006-1   DSC_0020-1






















DSC_0057 DSC_0064



Cristi said...

Too cute, we enjoyed seeing ya'll today and seeing cute Lily Bug on her 2nd birthday.

Anonymous said...

She is the most beautiful little 2 year-old ever! And the smartest too! Love you B-Bug. Happy 2nd Birthday.

Dean, Gee Gee, No No, Siah, Isaac, and Grace

Suzanne said...

I'm glad we got to celebrate Lily's b-day with her this year. She was precious in all her birthday stuff. She is so smart and I love her little personality. We love her a lot!!

Jen said...

happy birthday to lily! she is such a cutie! we were so glad to celebrate with her!

Tom said...

Lily is amazing, precious, adorable, beautiful and just a whole lot of fun. I love her so much. Great pictures from a great day! Nana

Stephanie said...

She is beautiful! What a fun birthday and CUTE outfit!

Chelsea & Nick said...

Best video EVER!!! So, so precious. Well tied with her swimming in the pitcher of water- ha!

Anonymous said...

Lily is absolutely adorable and so precious in her 2nd birthday attire (Shauna you are so amazingly talented). Thanks for sharing her birthday day with us. We love her with all our hearts.
See you in 32 days.

Love, Papa and Maow

David, Ally, and Micah said...

So adorable! I love the tutu! Happy birthday Lily!