Friday, May 29, 2009

Life lately…

has been pretty uneventful. Lily has been playing a lot with her friend, Gwynn… but was also glad to welcome Lukie B. back from Disney World. We watch the video of him on the ‘Rollie-Poster’ frequently.

Lily and Luke had their first sleepover this week while Jeff has been gone.



I love how you can see Lily falling off the stack of pillows!









P5281077   P5281071


A LOT of toy story was watched…. of course some wrestling took place… and even some tickling.


I’ve made several attempts to get the perfect photo for Lily’s mermaid party invitations… here are a few shots I have to work with:

P5160817    P5160815 P5160874    P5160858



P5261043P5261007 P5261044 P5261049


This does not bode well for her future yearbook photos.  I’m sorry, Bug, I’m afraid it’s genetic.


I’m trying to break out of my scrapbooking slump… thanks to all of Ally’s recent posts.

Here are my latest: (click to enlarge)




I did this one back in December…. I hated it then and I hate it now.  I was trying to make my pages look different. Oh well…



Cristi said...

That sleepover looks super fun! And your scrapbooking is way cuter than anything I could EVER come up with. I think they're adorable. :)

Tom said...

Yes it's genetic but we are all in for lots of fun. Love you all, Nana

The James Family said...

We loved having you and Lily sleep over. We should do it more often. I love those pictures of her. She's cute no matter what face she is making.

Jen said...

what a fun sleepover...i am so glad you are able to make it fun for you and lily while jeff is gone!!

and she is definitely adorable!! i can't wait to see and hear all about the mermaid party!!

Anonymous said...

I think she is the most beautiful little girl ever!