Thursday, May 21, 2009

I was tagged…


8 things I am looking forward to...
- June trip to Minnesota
- Lily’s birthday on July 4th at the Jameses’ (I’m making her an American flag tutu for the occasion)

- Minnesota trip in August… getting to buy a new dress for me and bug and seeing Jeff in a tux
- Lily’s mermaid birthday party on July 11th (I am OBSESSED)
- having Nana off for the summer
- Averie and Gwynn coming over to play today

- Lily being potty trained

- U2 concert in October


8 things I did yesterday...
- story-time at the library

- signed up for a cupcake decorating class at the local party store

- went for ice cream with Jeffie and the Bug
- wished my parents a happy 32nd anniversary
- cleaned the house
- finished Lily’s mermaid invitation

-bought the tulle for Lily’s mermaid and 4th of July tutus

- watched the IDOL finale


8 things I wish I could do...
- get everything done in one day that I want to

- make time speed up and slow down on command

- find fun, stimulating things for the Bug to do everyday
- always keep my patience
- keep my house clean and spotless with minimal effort (this was directly from Ally’s list, but perfectly stated)
- go swimming in my own backyard … in a real pool… not a blow up one with a zebra slide

- see Suz and Luke everyday

-  show people Jesus in some way everyday


8 shows I watch...
- Idol
- Lost
- the Hills (sad, but true)

- Barefoot Contessa… so pretentious
- The Office
- 30 Rock
- Amazing Race
- Barney( about 6billion times a day)


8 people I tag...
- Suzanne

- Cristi

- David

- Lauren
- Jen
- Laura
- Katie


Lily’s first tea party… with dixie cups.


Jen said...

lily's b-day party sounds like so much...i need to enlist your help in planning drew's!!

what a fun tea party...such a sweet little girl she is!

Guthry, Stephanie and Gavin said...

I love Jeffie's tie for the tea party!

David, Ally, and Micah said...

I love that you watch the hills too!

can't wait to see pictures of lily in her tutus!

The James Family said...

I wish we could see y'all every day too! I love the tea party pic! What a good dad Jeffrey is to put on a tie for an impromptu tea party.

Becky said...

I will gladly share my copy of "Barney's CHRISTMAS" video with you so you can watch it ALL SUMMER LONG like I did when Miles was 2 years old! :0) See ya'll very soon!

Love ya,