Saturday, April 04, 2009

Random photos…

I was tagged by Lauren to post the 6th picture from my 6th album…

so here it is:


We took about a thousand pictures of Lily for our Christmas card. I think it is hilarious that in most of them you can see our reflection in the ornament… Jeff with his camera and me in my pajamas trying to make Lily look at the camera.


Here are some random photos/videos from the last few weeks:P3270098    P3270097

Lukie B. and B-Bug having a little bistro lunch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Luke. He totally posed and said ‘Cheese’… precious!


P3280103       P3280108  P3280109

I thought she looked so cute this day in her little pumas from the Rohnes.

I think she looks so much like Jeff in the 2nd one.

It’s so funny to see my traits/habits in her… looks like she’s going to be a lip biter like her mom.




P3290118 P3290115

She’s found something greater that gummy bears…. gummy worms! She can’t get enough of them since she was introduced at Noah’s birthday party.





We made cookies one day because Barney (Lily’s favorite!) sings a cookie song with a montage of kids making and enjoying their cookies.  She always wants them after that … and you never have to twist my arm to make a dessert.   Lily did almost every part of the process.  We spent forever cutting out the different shapes… and please note that they all came out as circles!  They weren’t made in the most sanitary of conditions… notice Lily’s feet…and they weren’t very pretty… but they were tasty!




Staring Contest from Jeff Olson on Vimeo.


Jen said...

she is such a cutie...i loved the staring contest! it looks like you guys are having as much fun with lily as we are with drew at this age!!

Suzanne said...

She does look a lot like Jeff in that picture especially--a little mini-me of him. That video is great. I love it!!

Tom said...

Absolutely love the pictures. Nana

David James said...

I love how she started letting her eyes wonder around at the end like, "soooooo...ummm...should I say something?" She's gorgeous.

Chelsea & Nick said...

Just found your blog through a friend's. I absolutely love it!! I have enjoyed going back and reading your story. Lily is PRECIOUS!!