Monday, March 30, 2009

home improvement…

I can definitely say that my Spring cleaning/decorating kick is OVER!   Luckily… I accomplished most projects before I got too burned out.  I must say my most of my cleaning/organizing projects fell by the wayside.

Most importantly, Jeff’s office is finished. Still not my favorite room… but has a whole lot more personality…. Jeff’s personality.  I was able to complete his wall collage with elements of his loves/interests… his favorite kids, Twins, Minnesota, his hometown, U2, and the special place in his heart for bikes from his college days working in a bike shop.


I used Photoshop Elements 7 to make almost all of it. I only had to buy some  of the frames and the MN sign photo and the canvas.

I even rearranged the despised shelf with the figurines.










He was not able to part with ANY of them…. except for the Guzman bobblehead that Lily decapitated several months ago.  He really doesn’t bobble anymore. The rest keep moving higher and higher as Lily has conquered the bottom 3.

P3240087  P3240089

I still consider it a success.  It is MUCH easier to dust now.  My favorite thing in the whole room now is the Twins Potato Head that the Meyers gave Lily at our ‘sip and see’. 


P3149997 P3250094



sidenote: Jeff refuses to take down my last teacher photo from the day I was sick, newly pregnant, make-up less, and appear to have one small eye. Its there, ALWAYS haunting me, right next to the autographed Colin Cowherd.


I found 3 different photographers on Etsy that had a vintage bike ‘through the viewfinder’ photographs.  I LOVE THEM!



I begged Jeff to paint our front door… to give our house some character.  Might have been a mistake or maybe just my Easter door decor purchase was… the jury’s still out.   But character…. CHECK!

P3290112 P3300164


I printed and framed my Lily silhouette in our bedroom.  Now Jeff gets to see it as he goes to sleep and wakes up everyday. That’s what he gets for making fun of me.  I personally STILL love it!!



Jen said...

whew...i am worn out just reading about all you have accomplished! great job, and what a great feeling!

Anonymous said...

Love the door! Love all of the wall art too. Please come to my house and help me!

See you in 9 days! Wooo Hooo!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Everything looks so amazing-what special talent you have. I certainly could use your expertise to change several of my wall decorations!! Can't wait to see it in person in 8 days.


Guthry, Stephanie and Gavin said...

I LOVE the door!

The James Family said...

I think it all looks great! You really have a good eye for decorating. I think the door looks great too, can't wait to see it in person.

Lauren said...

TAG! *read my blog entitled Tag*

Laura said...

i'm with jen - i'm tired after just reading what all you've been up to. good grief...wanna come work on my house next?!? it all looks great!! LOVE the silhouette.