Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter was a blur…

I can’t believe that it all came and went so fast.  We were so excited to have Jeff’s whole family come down… and now we’re alone.  Jeff is out of town now and poor Lily has been a little depressed that I’m the only one around. I took her to play with Lukie B. yesterday… so it wasn’t so ‘cold turkey’.


Here’s the recap…

Lily came down with strep throat but still had the time of her life. Easter was at my parents and was so fun despite being attacked my the downpour of Oak whiskers. Isaac and Jonah even jumped in the lake.  Lily cracked and ate her hard boiled egg then wretched like a baby cat.  Stroller rides were taken.  Horses and goats were fed. Strawberries were picked. Playdoh caterpillars were made.  Our house was packed… Lily was spoiled rotten… I think I gained 5 pounds… but I wish it could always be like this.

Conclusion… I want to buy a closed down summer camp compound just like the ‘Smokin’ for Jesus’ Katrina victims did in our town and live right next to everyone we love. 

(sidenote: the name of their church is ACTUALLY ‘smokin for Jesus’… and I always drive by and  wish Jeff, Lily and I could go there.  I think there is barbecue involved… NOT marijuana.)


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Jeff got us U2 tickets for the Dallas concert in October. I’m psyched.  Jeff feels sorry for me that I’ve never been to a ‘real’ concert.  He laughed when I told him my favorite concert was seeing Something Corporate at La Zona Rosa. I’ve seen lots of bands in Austin at littler venues… but never been to a real live sold out stadium concert.

So… October 12th…. I’ll go to my first REAL one.  Jeff is a member, so he got in on the presale and opted for really good seats.


I made this while playing around with some new fonts I downloaded. I was going  to post it on Easter… but my sister beat me to it.

But while talking about U2 and Easter…  I can’t leave it out.

quote copy

‘Window in the Skies’ is one of my all time favorite songs and I think the video is GENIUS.  I listened to it while I was pregnant with Lily every morning on my way to school. It was also the first song she heard this side of my uterus in the car on the drive home from the hospital… nicely planned, Dad. 

All music was created for worship… and I believe that since it’s origin – every note played is an act of praise to Him… whether it’s meant to be or not…. thus the significance of all the classic moments in music in the video. It’s all because of Him. (…in my personal interpretation.)  This song reminds me how much I LOVE my savior from the first note to the last and reminds me what His LOVE has done and how “hate (is) brought to its knees” when we truly personify that LOVE in this world.


Jessica said...

Dallas?! Need somewhere to stay :)

Laura said...

looks like a fun Easter! i love that photo of Lily on the slip n slide and all her cousins lined up watching - she really must me lonely now ;)

Anonymous said...

You find the compound, we'll be there! Love and miss you!


Jen said...

what a wonderful, wonderful Easter! i am so glad you had a great time with your family.

enjoy your concert...that will be a blast!

Suzanne said...

Great pictures! It looks like you all had lots of fun. We enjoyed seeing Jeff's family too. I love that we are such kindred spirits and both couldn't wait to put Window in the Skies references up for our Easter posts. Great minds think alike. Can't wait to experience the concert with you even if we aren't sitting together. I try not to think about that little fact too much.

p.s. I need those fonts too or are those the ones I already have?