Monday, December 22, 2008

I finally did it...

but don't worry, I called and got permission from Jeff first.

Lily was playing with her friend, Gwynn, while her mom cut my mom's and my hair.  (Sidenote:  By playing... I mean wrestling... she wrestled Gwynn to the ground any chance she got.  I'm thinking we might need to look into some toddler girls wrestling teams... because she'd be AWESOME!)


But anyway...

Looking at Lily's few scraggly baby curls and the rest straight up mullet... I decided to get her a new do.



I've always imagined myself having a little baby with a cute bob and a bow... I gave Jeff 17 good months with the baby curls and now I've got her.  It's all about compromise.  Plus.. I could foresee the child growing up and saying, 'seriously mom, why did you let me have a mullet for so long?'


So... here is her precious new little girl haircut:

PC228744 PC228746

And here she is giving Gwynn some unwelcomed hugs before leaving:



Tom said...

I think Lily's haircut is adorable. She was such a big girl, too. I agree she's a great little wrestler. Love you all, Nana

Jen said...

love it!!!!!! =)

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

she looks precious!