Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is in the air...

thanks to my toasted apple butter scentsy candle and quickly deteriorating tree.  I LOVE that it is Christmas time. It makes me happy to get Christmas cards in the mail (sidenote: still anxiously awaiting the arrival of ours in the mail so I can send them out!!!) and to have Christmas decorations up. I wish I could have them up all year long... except for the tree--- sweeping needles 1000 times a day gets old fast.



I ordered Lily and future baby Olson a stocking from pottery barn kids last year... and they turned out to be the LONGEST STOCKINGS EVER! 

I think Santa's probably going to be giving Lily quite a few apples and oranges -- like he did in my day!








Jeff's mom gives us one piece of this nativity on our anniversary each year.... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.






PC168676 PC168678 Lily even has a pink tree (compliments of Mamma) in her room covered with ornaments that were my grandmother's.  I can so remember playing with them when they were on her tree... which might explain why some are in such rough shape.





My one crafty decoration this year is these wooden letters that I covered with patterned paper.






I decided too that Lily and I would make an ornament together every year until she doesn't want to anymore.  They'll be more fun when she can actually make them. But, this year...

I did the front:


She did the back:



pictured from left to right: Moj (Moses, the neighbor's dog), Yoooo (Luke), Moses (again), Ne-Ne (suzanne), and No-nah (Jonah)


She tells me as she draws each one.



She LOVES that dog next door. She talks about him more than Luke even. We got through her shots by asking, "what do you think Moses is doing right now?" Tonight we took this over and put it in his mailbox:

To: Moses    From: Lily


I guess all these decorations make cleaning harder.  So, really I'd rather not have them up all the time... scratch that... but they are fun for right now.  Lily makes cleaning hard enough as it is.  Today I picked everything up to dust and vacuum in the living room... then got sidetracked with the clothes sitting on the bed... and returned to find this:



So I had it all to do over again.

This is my life.

How can one kid make such a big mess in such a small amount of time?






Speaking of mess ...  Lily's 8 weeks of antibiotic treatment led to one WICKED yeast infection and diaper rash.  We are supposed to put this 'Gentian Violet' stuff on her and it is pretty much purple dye that stains EVERYTHING... I was warned multiple times.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I had a mishap. My hands covered in ointment I couldn't close the cap the night before... so the next morning I go to take it of the shelf and spill half the bottle.  Casualties= 1 formerly white shelf, 2 books held by Lily at the time, 1 changing table cover, Lily's tummy, and both of my hands.


I'm just glad she was holding the books so it didn't dye her face purple!


Suzanne said...

Wow, I feel so honored that Lily chose to draw me on the ornament. Really I do. You should put little names under her drawings so we can always remember. Your Christmas decorations look really cute. It also amazes me the mess that Luke can make in the span of about 5 minutes.

David, Ally, and Micah said...

Merry Christmas to you guys!

I ordered the same style stockings from Pottery Barn this year (with extra as well for future babies) and I was shocked at how long they are! I mean, who has fireplaces that large?

David, Ally, and Micah said...

... and I so wish Micah and Lily could play together, too! I think they would have fun together getting into all sorts of things they weren't supposed to!

Jen said...

thanks for the update! you are doing way more than me this Christmas! =)