Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yesterday was Jeffie's birthday...

and part of my gift to him was to stay off the computer for the whole evening, thus no birthday blog post was made about how wonderful he is. Although, he is wonderful.

After the week Lily and I have been having with Jeff out of town... it's a wonder that wasn't his only gift.  Little has been accomplished. She's been showing her strong willed side BIG TIME.  I've decided we're taking a temporary hiatus from public places until this streak subsides.


The 'ba-ba' has been a constant companion to stave of the fussiness.  Here she is shooting me a 'i'm still not over it'  look while enjoying some chocolate milk and Yo Gabba Gabba after crying for an hour through my bible study in the nursery.  (Side note: I KNOW she's too old for a bottle... don't judge... It's all I have left!)



Anyway...I got Jeff some shoes he's been wanting found at the outlet mall and some fabulous office memorabilia found at 'the dollar spot' in Target.  I knew my frugal husband would be proud of my bargain shopping.

I also made his favorite meal of roast, potatoes and carrots and his mom's creme de menthe cake.  Here is the outcome of that.


Whoever decided to sell food coloring without a squeeze dropper bottle, must not be as accident prone as I am.  Speaking of, Lily is learning  the phrase 'thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus'  from having such an klutz for a mom... losing my wallet when I knocked the stroller over in Old Navy and having someone return it after  30 minutes of crawling around the store on my hands and knees ... or.... accidentally hitting the large kitchen knife I was using to chop vegetables and launching it in the air only to catch it inches away from the child holding on to my leg.  She hears it a lot.

Lily's version sounds more like 'loo chee'  but He knows what she means.


We went to visit my cousin Ron and Cora's new baby, Birch, on Saturday.  She was precious and I'll post a picture as soon as my mom uploads them. (As usual, I forgot the camera.)  Lily enjoyed being able to be around her two favorite things: babies and dogs... if Luke had been there, it would have been Heaven on Earth. Lily will have so much fun with her little girl cousin, when Birch is a little bigger and Lily learns to control herself a little better. 


Here's the recipe for Jeff's birthday cake.  It's the Baptist version... so no liquor in it.  It's super good!


Carla's Creme de Menthe Cake

1 box of white cake mix

1/2 tsp. of mint extract

1 drop green food coloring

Mix and bake as directed on box.  Cool. Top with chocolate icing.  Top with1 container of whipped cream mixed with green food coloring and 1/4 tsp. of mint extract.  Sprinkle with Andes chocolate mint bits and keep refrigerated before serving.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about the bottle - Easton still has his bottle too, and he's almost 2 months older than Lily - and he also has his nuk & his giraffe blankie to sooth him - so I guess we're even more guilty;)


Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

whatever works! owen will have his paci until high school:)

ps im a clutz too. you should see the bruises i carry with me daily!

Jen said...

don't worry about the bottle...we are still using it here routinely! happy birthday to jeff...blaine's birthday was today. i didn't realize their b-days were so close. and i am sorry lily has been "trying"... hang in there. i would love to hear her say thank you, Jesus...that is too cute!

The James Family said...

Glad Jeff had a good birthday. I don't think you should feel bad about the bottle either. We all do what we have to do to get by. I think I rely on the TV WAY too much. At least Lily isn't almost 2.5 years old and carrying her bottle all around in public (like Suri Cruise). :)