Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Party time is over...

Luke's birthday was super fun at Gymboree, but now there is nothing on the fun horizon until October.  




Nate, Noah, and the birthday boy having a great time in the parachute.





Lily seemed to only want to lay on the mat covered in scarves.  I've tried to recreate this at home... and she wasn't into it.





Here is the bug making Daddy proud by ignoring the singing and dancing and refusing to leave the basketball hoop.





The teacher tried really hard to keep the kids engaged, but they mostly just wanting to run around.  She was a little tone deaf, bless her heart, (FYI saying 'bless her heart' makes it okay to say anything mean about a person)  This picture is hilarious to me, because she actually looks in pain from singing.


P9137381 Sharon's clown cake and cupcakes were super good! I got home on Saturday night with 8 leftovers... none of them saw Monday.  Jeff ate one.... you do the math.



There was one casualty from the day of fun and cake.  Rest in peace little white polo dress... you had a good run... you'll be remembered fondly in my heart.



We've played lots with the awesome bubble kit that we got as a party favor.  The millions of tiny bubbles that never seem to pop even brought the little neighbor kid out of his house.

P9147434 Like most things... Lily wanted to eat them.  Sadly this was the MOST flattering picture of me from the event.  Photoshoping out the double chin wasn't worth the effort. I'm a mom now!


I've just realized I have very little actual work time before the craft show that Laura and I are doing in October.  So... I've been extra busy making things.  Of course, knowing me, I've been sidetracked so many times that very little is actually completed. Then, on the phone last night, Laura and I had a fabulous idea for something new.... so now I'm all over that!

I did finish this book that I wrote and illustrated for Luke and Lily for Christmas.  I made Luke that farm book last year... so we'll see how many years I can keep the tradition alive. 

Here are two pages from  'The Little Texan's Book of Colors'...

color6 copy color7 copy

I'm going to get 10 printed to sell at the craft show... hopefully.  If not... your kid may get this for Christmas too! (sorry Minnesotans)


The James Family said...

That book is adorable! I can't wait for Luke to get his copy. I'm glad Lily had so much fun at the party.

"A little tone-deaf" is actually a huge understatement...At least you, me and Cristi got some good laughs out of it.

That picture of you and Lily with the bubble blower is hilarious.

Tom said...

Great pictures and commentary. I can tell that I already love the book. Love you all, Nana

David, Ally, and Micah said...

Love the run down of the party... you crack me up.

The book is so cute! How do you do that? You make me tired just seeing all of the stuff you are working on!

David James said...

You've been a busy mom. I bet you sell all 10 of the books and have to request a second printing from the publisher. Good luck at the show.

Jen said...

thanks for sharing your party pics...i think drew would have been with lily at the b-ball hoop! =)

good luck with the craft show...how exciting!

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

you should see them on your site. i would totally buy them and im sure tons more people would too. you are awesome! (seriously, ill buy one)

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

oh, and by "see" them on your site, i mean SELL them!