Friday, September 12, 2008

Do I ever remind you of a small hispanic boy?

Because apparently I do for Lily.  Her favorite book at the moment is a random stow-away from my classroom library.


When we get to this page:


She points to the boy and says "MAMA'!  Now, granted, I often wear jean shorts and rainbow socks and play with boomerangs... but... SERIOUSLY?  If I needed a makeover show before...

Jeff doesn't help either.  When he reads 'I like to play. I like music. I like the rainbow. etc.'  ... he replaces the word 'I' on the boy's pages with 'your mom' and uses as much uncharacteristic enthusiasm as he can muster. 'YOUR MOM likes to play!'


When labeling the people in the illustration on the last page. Lily names 'girl' (left), 'mama' (right), and the dark haired lady with the bun... of course is 'nana.' 


We're excited for Lukie's 2nd birthday party at Gymboree tomorrow.  Gustav or no Gustav... we're going to be there --- giving Lily a glimpse of how the other half lives.

I'll post lots of photos of the fun!


The James Family said...

That's hilarious. I guess it's your short, dark hair??

I hate to break it to you but Gustav was a while ago. We're dealing with Ike now :)

Cristi & William said...

You freakin' crack me up. That's funny that Jeff says that about you when he's reading to Lily. Sounds like something William will do. You're hilarious. Can't wait to see ya'll at the party!! :)

Jen said...

that is hilarious! she is quite the character!! at least she is saying words; all drew can manage is pointing and moaning! =(

Tom said...

If Nana is the dark haired lady then that means it is time for a dye job. We can't wait for Luke's party. Love you all, Nana