Monday, September 08, 2008

Desperate for things to do since Nana went back to work...

Lily and I have been out of the house more than usual.  I had forgotten though... why we stayed home in the first place.  Children are little disease spreaders.   Our first week at the nursery for a moms' bible study... and we come down with the stomach flu.  Lily didn't even touch any other kids as far as I can tell.  She was holding her Dog-Dog and crying in a lady's arms when I left and came back, two hours later. We also went to a new play group... where Lily was begging from the other moms' snow cone spoons with a simple  'mo .... mo.'  So... it could have been there.

Anyway... I was really reconsidering the need for local friends at 1:00 and 4:00 am last night between violent heaves.  Of course, Jeff got it too.  He just hates to pass up a round of the stomach flu.  Poor Lily was in her pajamas until 5:00 pm, at which point she pulled an outfit out of her hamper and came grunting at me to put it on her.  It has to have been the most boring day of her life with both parents unable to stay upright for too long.  She mostly just wandered aimlessly around the house all day.  I'm going to have to make it up to her...    once my stomach stops churning.


I just updated our P365 with photos from Carla's visit.  It seems the only time we took the camera out was at our trip to the zoo, despite all the fun things we did.  We've really been slacking in the photo dept.  Yet another thing to do... when I don't feel like everything on my inside wants to be on my outside.


The James Family said...

I'm so sorry you all got sick. That is no fun. It seems like Luke missed it this time. That is so cute that Lily went and got an outfit for you to put on her. Getting sick like that really does make you want to stay home and keep them away from other least for a while. I hope you all are better very soon!

Jen said...

sorry you all have been sick...that is no fun!