Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jeff is out of town... again.

So I've done some new scrapbook pages.  I love, love, love the first one with Laura's photos.  But after that, my headache started getting worse and I just wanted to finish the blasted things... so they're not my favorite.  Typos are pretty much guaranteed... let me know when you find them... Suzanne.

Maybe I'm coming out of my productivity slump.







The James Family said...

Those are really cute! I laughed hard that you assumed I would find your typos...but I guess it is kind of sad that you think that is what I look for :)

P.S. I only saw one..."Mall of AmArica"

laura said...

cute, cute!! love the walking page too :) wish you lived closer and we could scrap together!
p.s. i like your new's perfect :)

Jen said...

those pages are adorable...great job!