Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I haven't been in the mood...

to do much of anything lately.  I think VanillaBean has burned me out for a little while that I'm taking advantage of a little break.  Laura and I decided that there was no point for our 'hobby' to be making us both crazy... and neglect our motherly duties.  We have our first show in October... so we say we are gearing up for that.  I did have fun making Jen's birthday invitations and party favor magnet sets.  I gladly ignored the fact that I bleed burnt orange during the process... Drew's having an aggie themed birthday.


Lately, all I've wanted to do is write.  I think the absence of the Twilight series in my life is to blame.  I had this idea for a young adult fiction novel a few years ago... and started thinking about it again after reading my guilty pleasure teenage vampire love stories.  So, anyway... on my hour and a half drive to Austin every week, my mind plays out new twists and turns in my story while Lily naps.  I have to get them on paper before I forget them... so I've been writing every nap and bedtime.  I think Jeff hates that more than me reading or making art... probably because it ties up the laptop and I get super defensive when he asks me what I'm doing.  I don't know why I'm so embarrassed. When I think about it, it seems like such a waste of time... as I will probably never finish it or get it published, but I'm doing it anyway for now.

Here's a scrapbook page I made last night from a quickpage I found on the shutterfly blog... I didn't really feel like scrapbooking, but wanted to feel a little more productive than spending an hour to write 2 paragraphs.


It has been unseasonably cooler the last few days and Lily and I have been enjoying being able to go outside.  Usually, when I'm just going out for the mail, I feel zapped and just want to lay down.

Yesterday, Lily played with a bowl of water for a while before she dumped it on herself. 


After she was nice and wet, she decided to RUN through the yard and fell in a big pile of freshly mowed grass.  After I wiped off her face and picked it out of her mouth... I took this photo.


Not knowing how to clean her off without going inside... I filled the baby pool, then was thrilled to learn that she had a dirty diaper to clean up, as well.  So... that was fun to do outdoors. Here's a little visual treat of Lily getting clean... sans the diaper.



laura said...

the magnets turned out cute!! i'm glad you've been devoting some time to writing, but i'm dying to see the VBdesigns fairtale collection :)

Mallarie said...

What's this about coming to Austin every week?? What the heck Shwainhead.

Jen said...

hang in there! do whatever it is you enjoy doing...=) and thanks again for the magnets...i can't wait to hand them out in a few days!

Tom said...

Lily Bug is so beautiful and precious. This cooler weather has been nice. I am glad you are writing. The Lord may surprise you with His plans for your future.