Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This kid is funny...

She came walking out of the laundry room like this... all on her own... playing dress up with the load of just dried clothes from the dryer. 


She played for a long time with 2 different socks on, pajama pants, and Yes.. those ARE giant underwear around her neck... but I'm not telling you whose.


The same day... I was getting ready in the bathroom and she was playing in the drawers.  I look down to see her with a certain women's bathroom  item (beginning with a 't')  in her mouth.  In the same instant, she looked up at me and POPPED it right out of her mouth at me in one blow.  I nearly wet myself.  Needless to say... her dad was not as amused  by this new trick... those items make him  a little uncomfortable.


Lily recently took a gander at what had been monopolizing so much of her mom's time lately. 


A lot of words and very few pictures led to this reaction:


I'm super psyched about the release of 'Breaking Dawn' on Aug. 2nd.  I've already got my copy reserved at a local bookstore.  I'll probably be waiting at the door when the lady comes to open it up at 9:00.  The lady invited me to a special midnight release celebration from 11-1 the night before.  Tempting as it is to get my new book at the very first second it is released, I don't think I can still fit in my prom dress for their runway competition.  If I had one single friend in town... I'd be there.  But, unfortunately, Jeff is it... and he REFUSES!  Truthfully, I'm just glad to know that there are others out there that are more obsessed than I am.


My mom, Suzanne, Luke, Lily and I went to the Round Rock mini-waterpark on Tuesday.  Courtney's nursery art and the Twilight books for Kim weren't the only thing I forgot that day... I forgot our swim bag.  Poor Lily had to swim in her little short suit... but she rocked it!



Jen said...

that is too cute...drew LOVES helping me with laundry too. so far, he hasn't worn it yet but just takes it all over the house!

Laura said...

CUTE! love how you processed the, huh?!?

you're going to have to tell me if book 4 is worth the read.

The James Family said...

I'm glad Luke has never done that with my underwear. It's so cute that Lily did that though! We had fun at the waterpark with you. I love that Lily just wants to crawl right through the water even when the water is over her head.

jacob said...

I've lost my wife to the Vampire book as well. Oh well, more sports and Playstation for me!


Tom said...

Lily is beautiful,fun,and downright adorable. I can tell you I will be keeping a close eye on the dryer at Nana and Augie's house.I thought that was the best little water park. I will look forward to going again with the grandkids. love you all, Nana