Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hurricanes aren't good...

but we're enjoying the break from 105 degrees.  When we saw that it was only 75 this morning, Lily and I hightailed it to the park.  The only downside is that any time it's cool enough to go to the park... everything is wet and dirty. 

P8066856 P8066869

Lily played... but remembered it being more fun the last time when Luke was there. Until snacks were brought out... then she was glad to be alone.


Then we stopped to see the cows and horses and donkey down the street.  It makes me happy to say 'wave hello to the cows' as we drive home.  I'm glad we have the golf course to make things look nicer... but still enough things to feel a little country!

P8066876 P8066890

Lily's probably the only kid that could be trusted not to go under that fence.  Luke would have been halfway to the cows in a blink, but Lily has a pretty healthy fear of most BIG things that doesn't let her stray far from my leg.


I explained before that Laura took Lily's one year portraits... but she also took some family photos of Jeff, Lily, and me. 

I love every single one!  Our home is about to become the Laura Watson Gallery.  You can view Laura's talent on our family photos on her photography blog.



Tom said...

Can you believe that Lily has only been in the walking stage for about a month? She looks like such a big girl playing in the park. She is such a sweetie pie. Love you all, Nana

Jen said...

she is such a big girl...i can't believe she is walking around!!

and the pictures are gorgeous...i need to get to sugar land asap!!

laura said...

lily looks older every time you post new pictures :(
glad you like the photos!! you better put some up on your walls :) i'll be real sad if you don't! lol. p.s. kate was singing a song today in the car about shauna and lily - haha. have NO idea why she loves y'all so much ;)

Shauna Lynn said...

because we're AWESOME... that's why!

David James said...

Laura definitely has an eye for photography. I love the black and white one of you, Jeff and Lily under the Uptown sign. Reminds me of "The Last Picture Show" for some reason.


Anonymous said...

Shauna..those pictures are awesome! They look like they belong in a magazine!