Monday, March 31, 2008

We finally have a REAL backyard...

thanks to the visionary talents of Mark A. James, landscaper extraordinaire.  Jeff is really great at MOWING our yard... I mean really...he does angled lines and everything... but he'll be the first to admit that we both know nothing about plants.

My brother in law, former neighborhood yard of the month winner, is naturally talented and comes from a long line of green thumbs and was so nice and volunteered his Saturday to not only draw a plan and tell us which plants to get... but also brought his  talent, tools, and yard shoes to do the manual labor aspect, too.  I probably would have faked an injury like I used to do on running day in middle school p.e.... which just shows Mark's a bigger person than me.

We've been spending a lot of time in out there since the installation of Lily's swing and favorite thing in the world.  Now, I LOVE sitting on our back porch and feeling a since of completeness with our two new flower beds and several areas around the yard that will (with growth time) give some definition to our FENCELESS yard.  (Note: Jeff HATES that every home in Texas has a fence... thus we are the ONE house that doesn't)

So...thanks Mark!










P3314342 P3314343  P3224151 P3314339P3314341P3314346


Jen said...

that is awesome!! now you can reallly enjoy the spring and summer...

The James Family said...

The yard looks great! I'm glad you are pleased with Mark's work. He truly enjoys that stuff so I know he was happy to help out.


David James said...

That turned out so nice. I like the little walkway in between the porch. I know Mark "Dr. Dirt" James loved every minute of it.


Tom said...

The yard and flowerbeds look great. Mark does have a gift. I am glad you got it done in time for Spring time in the hill country. Love you, Nana