Thursday, April 03, 2008

here are the latest...

scrapbook pages that I've finished.  I finally decided to call it good on the Christmas one that I've been working on forever... and still hate.

With Jeff's mom here for a few days... I'm hoping I can get caught up!

firstchristmas1 firstchristmas2



Suzanne said...

I think they look great! Why do you hate the Christmas ones? You're too hard on yourself. I can't imagine what you'll think of my work if I ever start doing digital scrapbooking :)

Jen said...

those are are very talented!

and i "borrowed" your idea from vanilla beans and have created drew some bins...i love it and i think he does too! so thanks!

Tom said...

Super pages. I really do wish I had done something like that with you girls. Looking at the pictures brings those times and memories back to my mind. I think if I had something like that on ya'll I would remember alot more of what it was like when you were both little. Nana