Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looks like it's time for Spring cleaning...




because Lily's crawling "for-real" now!   This is her reaching for a lint ball behind the dryer while Jeff and I sat down to eat dinner.


She never has to sit and whine for me again!


Our Easter was great! We went to church and kept Lily with us.  Between Dad, Mom, Nana, and Granddad and a bag full of snacks, we kept her entertained and (pretty) quiet.  She wore her cute new dress... but unfortunately had to have a (non-matching) long-sleeved onesie and tights under it... as Easter had to be the one day this week below 70 degrees. We had an Easter egg hunt at Mom and Dad's house with the whole James family... wish the Olsons could have been there too.

Here are some photo highlights from the day:

P3234194 P3234218

P3234243 P3234205


The James Family said...

She's so cute crawling. Now the fun begins of surveying the house for things she might put in her mouth. Say goodbye to your doorstoppers :)

I wish I could have seen her in the dress. You'll have to put her in it again so I can see. We enjoyed spending Easter with y'all!

Tom said...

She is so adorable. :) She is the cutest crawler, too. It is like she knows she is doing something new and special. I did a good cleaning before Easter. I moved furniture and stuff to get the dust bunnies. It was fun to be together on on such a special day. I truly love that we are celebrating our Lord's Resurection I wish the Olsons could have been here as well. Maybe next year. Nana

David James said...

It was definitely a special Easter seeing Lily and Luke interact with each other. I'm sure they'll be fighting for each other's Easter eggs next year. Thanks for letting me spend the day with you all.

Jen said...

crawling...how fun...i think!! =) i am sorry she did not get to wear her dress just the way you wanted, but i am with suz, you have to put her in it again and take more pictures. she is a cutie!

Kim John said...

It is so great that Lily is crawling now! Make sure you and Jeff start doing some cardio workouts cause from this point on all you will be doing is chasing after the little one!