Friday, March 21, 2008

We've had a busy week...

with Nana having her spring break, despite Lily being sick. It has been fun to have someone to do things with everyday... and by 'things'... I mean go shopping with. We had trouble thinking of much else to do.

We did go visit my grandparents and squeezed in a trip to Underwood's, of course.



We also took Lily's first boat ride since about a week before she made her debut here. Just like me as a kid, it put her right to sleep.


Had to include this great picture captured at just the moment I spotted a huge spider dangling from the bridge we were about to go under.

After 3 days of shopping, I have Lily's Easter Sunday outfit completed. I bought the dress at Marble Falls Market Days from this place. I had been wanting a pillow sack dress for her for a while and this lady measured and made one just for her. I bought a few of her bows and wish I would have bought them in every color. They have a special strip that helps them stay in Lily's hair.P3204108

Last Saturday, we went to a wedding after a crisis here. Jeff tried to use brute force to get over a snag in the defective zipper on my dress and ended up splitting it in half. I put on the ONE other dress I have and Lily spit up carrots on the shoulder. With some perseverance and a little super glue... Jeff got my zipper somewhat together and safety pinned the rest. Mark and Suzanne watched Lily during the ceremony and we took her to the reception.


It was all worth it to see old friends, especially the Watson family. Lily and little Jack got some much needed playtime!


After posting all these pictures... I'm confident that, even after a haircut, I am in DESPERATE need of a mom-makeover. Somebody send me in to Oprah please...I promise I'll act surprised.

**I've updated our Project 365.


Laura said...

awww. lily's soo cute in her little life-vest. we really want to come visit you guys for a lake weekend :) glad y'all treked to the wedding despite the crisis! it was good to see jack and lily together again.

Jen said...

i love that is adorable. please take more pictures of her in it on easter!! and i am sorry about your dress malfunction but glad that jeff saved the day and you guys made it to the wedding.

Tom said...

Great pictures. I liked the family photo at the wedding. You looked great but I am totally for all of us getting a makeover. It has been a fun Spring Break. I have loved getting to spend time with my girls and my grandkids. I feel truly blessed to be a mother and a grandmother. Nana

The James Family said...

We really enjoyed babysitting Lily. It was a treat!

That picture of her in her Easter dress with the clip in her hair is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.