Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What did I do...

in the days before I had a cute baby to take with me everywhere?  It makes even the little outings fun!  I made a new scrapbook page about one outing to my mom's school bookfair last Monday.  Lily was just too adorable with her first real bow and her new trick. 

She's really getting a little personality and I think she's going to be JUST LIKE HER DAD.  She's quiet at first around new people... then warms up.  She's ALWAYS quietly listening and observing when people are around.  She really likes when she makes me laugh.  She has a new trick... but only likes to do it if it is HER idea.  I'm sure we'll see a little of ME in her SOMEDAY.

new tricknew trick2

(click on the photos to make them larger.)


Anonymous said...

Lily you are just so ADORABLE and PRECIOUS!! How proud your mom and Nana must have been to get to show you off, and of course your new trick!! What a beautiful baby.

Love You-Mamma

The James Family said...

I love her little personality. She is so good natured---unless you are taking away her Laffy Taffy. :)

She is just the cutest little thing. The bow in her hair is so cute.

Tom said...

Cute scrapbook page. She is such a sweetie and does have a fun personality. I can definitely see Jeff in her. I think she got her love of sweets and shoes from you. She is a happy, talented baby. Nana