Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy BAL-EM-TIMES day…



After a rough, sick week as a single mom/human kleenex last week…  ( pictures showing how both kids coped differently -- B-Bug stationed in front of the tv, apple juice in hand…  Brother Beankins needed constant movement (powered by Mom) to keep him from crying)

Things are looking up…

…2 valentine packages in the mail today (thanks Je-Je and Maow… the mailman said that Lily’s packages were the biggest he had)

…heart shaped sandwiches for lunch and all the necessary ingredients to make this for dessert

…and weather warm enough to play outside today… and most importantly – play outside BAREFOOT


Too bad these ‘tutu cute’ valentine suckers we made last week, didn’t get to be passed out because we had to skip ballet.  A  baby Beankins with the FLU didn’t deserve to be drug out during nap time … all for the sake of his mom spending valuable free time crafting tulle lollipop flowers.  Guess we’ll just eat them all ourselves.


p.s. is it wrong that I HATE that there is another Lily in Lily’s dance class of SEVEN…. so she has to be called Miss Lily Olson not just Miss Lily?   …because I do. with every fiber of my being.


Laura said...

awww. sad for the sick house -- glad y'all are on the mend. those tu-tu cute almost make me want to put kate in ballet! and if it's any consolation, we don't know another Lily at ALL. Happy Valentine's friend!!

The James Family said...

I'm with you on the name thing....I hate that Luke has to be Luke J. in his class. Taking care of both of them while Jeff is out of town sounds hard enough....adding in sickness to the mix sounds like a nightmare. Glad you survived! That pie sounds great. I hope some is left when we come visit. :)

Stephanie said...

She's the only Lily I know! :)

Sorry that she's been feeling bad. Hope your whole house is well!

Anonymous said...

You take such wonderful care of your family Shauna!!! So wish that I lived closer to help, especially when Jeff is out of town. I would just LOVE to come over and sit and rock my babies for hours on end. Your valentine suckers are beautiful. Hope my B-Boe gets to bring them to dance this Thursday.

Love and Miss You, Maow

Amber said...

The kids look cute even sick. I think you should bring the lolipops to class next week. They are too cute to just eat at home. Oh, and I always feel sad for the kids in the same class with the same name that have to use their last initial.