Friday, January 21, 2011

the crafty bug….

has bitten again.  After early fall when I made curtains, pillows, halloween costumes, refinished furniture… I’ve been NOT in the mood to do anything crafty. But since Christmas, I’ve been wanting to make and create… but times are tough with two. (especially since the first one is a clinger)

However, MY SHADOW and I  have been able to make a few things together:

…a handstamped Christmas sign


…a glittery ‘upside down town’ to decorate the Kids’ Church for the new curriculum…


… a tower for b-bug’s Rapunzel doll,  complete with stairs and loft , out of a box and formula cans… (saving us $88 on a real one… with much more charm.)



I’ve been itching to get some scrapbook pages done too.  I haven’t done any since before Eli was born and my list is getting long and overwhelming with TWO kids to make pages for.  Here are a few I’ve cranked out lately or finally finished:











5 down…  17 to go…. hope I can get them done before I recover from my crafty-bug bite.


Anonymous said...

Eli is the sweetest little thing ever! Love his scrapbook page. I sure do miss squeezin' and kissin' him.

Love you all!

Seth , Angie, Noah said...

Lookin' good Shauna! I love your crafting ideas. I wish I were more adventurous like you. Since the holidays are over I've been feeling more motivated to get moving with making things, particularly I HAVE to start G's scrapbook. Yep, she's 14 months and I haven't even started it, sigh. Two kids is so much more draining, esp on my creativity. Keep us posted on your projects! hehe, so i can steal you good ideas ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing with us Shauna you always make me laugh! I look SO forward to seeing new pictures of my babies. How precious is my beautiful B-Boe dancing and the pictures Jeff took of my Eli couldn't be any more perfect. They certainly capture his sweet sweet personality.

Love You, Maow

Tom said...

You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I always wanted to be like that but I never could pull it off. I am glad you got the gene. You also got Augie's gene of making up names for your loved ones. Also, I think I have the cutest grandkids ever. Love, Nana

Suzanne said...

Well, I was going to say the exact same thing as mom--your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Just today I was looking through my wedding scrapbook you made and I am so thankful you share your gifts with others. I can't even believe the pages you just whip out. I really think you should be on one of those creative teams for a scrapbooking company. But that might be a lot of work.

Amber said...

Shauna! I love the scrapbook pages. I can't believe that I haven't met Eli yet, but I will this weekend.