Monday, November 08, 2010

Happy Halloween…

a week later.

October 31st was extra special this year.  Not only were the Olsons visiting from Minnesota, Eli had a very special baby dedication.  It just further solidified our love and admiration for our church.  It was so very special and personal for Eli and I’ll enjoy telling him the story and the unique word of prophecy for his life… that matched exactly what I’ve prayed over him since the day I first knew I was pregnant.





Church, smurch.  Trick- or – treating was the real highlight of the day for one little Olson, who was dressed as Rapunzel. 


Can you tell we’re excited for November 24th

Her poor little brother had to don this homemade chameleon get-up to match his sister for his overly theme loving mama.  Rapunzel (in the Disney version) has a pet chameleon, “Pascal”…. which Lily was quick to point out sounds a lot like ‘pas gas’… which she, in turn, deemed fitting for her little brother.



We had a wonderful, joyful (non fearful or satanic) celebration with great friends and family… complete with hayride.  I must admit this holiday (although I hate it) is climbing the chart of my favorites.





Anonymous said...

We had such a wonderful week in Texas, which always goes by way to fast!!!! Getting to share in Eli's dedication meant more to us than words can express!!!! God has a special plan for our little Lily and Eli.

Lily was the most beautiful Rapunzel in the whole wide world, and of course there is no other Pascal as adorable and precious as Eli!!!!!
Love you, Maow

The James Family said...

Lily and Eli's costumes were awesome....but I would expect nothing less from you. :) It looks like it was a fun Halloween. And it sounds like Eli's dedication was really special. Wish we could have seen Mark and Carla this time! I'm glad you guys had a great visit.

Amber said...

The first picture of Lily is such a glamor shot. What a beautiful girl. I never knew it was a match with Eli. That's cute.