Friday, November 26, 2010

10 things I’m thankful for in 2010…

for living 5 minutes from my parents

Jeff’s  promotion to SENIOR market manager

that I get to see one of the prettiest views in all of Texas on my drive into town   (lookout mountain… for you locals).

for having a sister… poor Lily, she’ll never know what its like.

that I’ve discovered how to recreate Chuy’s creamy jalapeno dip and Chipotle cilantro lime rice… makes living out in the country WAY more enjoyable.

leggings… clothing makers’ gift to the stay at home mom

for a 3 year old who is wise WAY beyond her years and is already my BFF

for sanity saving playdates

that when I hear the neighbors loading up in their driveway at 6:30… I’m snuggled on the couch watching Little Bill with 2 little blue eyed kids in footie jammies. 

              ***sidenote: I would be even more thankful if at 6:30, I was lying in my bed dreaming about my 2 precious little blue eyed kids and how we’d snuggle and watch a DVRed Little Bill when they awoke happily after 8:00…  but for whatever reason God has given me a daughter that doesn’t want to miss a sunrise from her special spot on the couch with apple juice sippie in hand.

cherry coke… in a can… with a colored straw… waiting on me every morning. (makes the aforementioned early mornings more bearable)

Needless to say…. I am beyond thankful for a wonderful husband, 2 healthy children and that God provides all that we need and want…. etc. etc.  But these 10 especially paint a picture of my life in this present time. God is good.



Lily and I made a thankful tree back in October… back before her home-school took a LONG fall break.  Everytime we thought of something we were thankful for, we added a leaf to the tree.  Some I had to talk her into… others I tried to talk her out of (see: ‘cups to drink from’").

















After all that… here is Lily’s list of 10 things in 2010:



that Little Bill comes on at 6:30 am

Brother Beankins

Mom and Dad

apple juice

that I get to go see Tangled after Thanksgiving

lots of cousins… big and small

for a Nana and Maow that love her so much and buy me lots of good toys… (sorry Augie and Papa… I bet you were going to be #11)

that Old Navy re-released the sparkly high tops affectionately named “Ke-ke shoes” only BETTER


Happy Thanksgiving.


The James Family said...

Glad I made your list :) I wrote a list in my head but it never made it to the blog. I loved reading Lily's list too.

Brandi said...

I love reading your posts! I think you should secretly post this Chuy's dip recipe for us poor Northerner's who don't get the pleasure of enjoying it anymore! Hope you all are doing well!

Stephanie said...

I wish I lived closer to Lily (and you, Jeff and Eli of course). I think she would keep us entertained. She is hysterical!

Seth , Angie, Noah said...

Thanks for the laugh!!! I can so relate, especially the early mornings with two kids and the help of a soda to make it through! I often say a little prayer that I can be a nicer morning person. And as an only child w/o a brother or a sister, I feel for Lily never having that sister ;)

Tom said...

We do have so much to be thankful for. God is so good! I thank God everyday for Augie, you 2 girls and your wonderful husbands, and my 4 beautiful grandchildren. But most of all I am thankful for our dear Saviour Jesus who is the supreme example of Love, Light and Life from God. Love, Nana