Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Eli finally figured out he could roll from his back to his tummy.  The doctor said that most rolly babies have a little more trouble rolling. So it took exactly 5 months… now he’s a rolling fool.  He won’t stay on his back for more than a few minutes before you see this face… waiting for applause, and “Yay Eli!”.



I interrupt this post :

something just hitched a ride on my maxi dress… as I sat at the computer looking at pictures of my sweet little baby, crawled up my leg… and as soon as I felt it,  tried to trap it… and it stung like FIRE.  Now I have a welt the size of  Texas on the back of my thigh… because it was one of THESE nasty little suckers:


I’ll update later.  Now I have to go mix up some kind of concoction to ease my throbbing leg…  pick up, shake out, and inspect every baby item that resides on the floor (as seen above),  and get the exterminator’s number handy for first thing tomorrow.  They will be getting an urgent phone call from me… because they were just here last month and I’ve killed 3 now… and they didn’t even look sick.   Actually, Jeff killed this one –which was probably 2-3 inches long… while I was jumping around and ripping my dress off in the middle of the kitchen.  I would have liked to cut him apart piece by piece and watch him suffer.  His stinger was already lodged in my flesh anyway.

Oh Texas… I love you and I hate you at the same time. 

Why did God ever create scorpions, rattle snakes and water moccasins… surely He didn’t, right? 


Cristi said...

OH, I'm so sorry you got stung. I've been there and done that and even had William look up on the internet to make sure they weren't poisonous! ha I think mind throbbed for a good 24 hrs. I agree with you on wondering if God really created those monsters. Hang in there. We get them really bad at our house too. Just be lucky you didn't have one crawling in your bed. That was the latest here at our house. I hate those things!

The James Family said...

I love Eli's sweet little face in that picture. I'm really so sorry you got stung. I'm not sure I could handle the fear of wondering if one was lurking in some shoes or in the bed...I hope the exterminator can get rid of them!!

Stephanie said...

Eli is getting so big! He looks absolutely precious!

Okay. That was just freaky. Read about it on FB, and I commented on it already. BUT I still have to say - those freak me out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shauna! I just stopped by your blog to see how you and your beautiful family are. I read through about the last two months and I am convinced we have the same children. lol. We have our own 3 year-old little drama queen and our almost 3 month old sweet, laid back baby boy. We took Elle to see Toy Story 3 not long after Rhett was born - her first movie theatre experience too - and the movie was pretty intense. Love seeing all these pictures of your sweet babies! - Nancy Higgs

Jessica said...

Shuna baby - I am scared to come visit now!! ha. I am glad you are okay :) Love you!